REVIEW: Prevage’s super anti-ageing anti-oxidant

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The Prevage skincare range is a global best seller and boasts the platinum standard in anti-ageing skincare, and now, with the introduction of the ‘most powerful’ anti-oxidant on the market into their newest additions of their skincare regime, the range just got even better. Idebenone Ester is the new, super anti-oxidant  that embodies the next generation of anti-ageing skincare and it\’s available now in the form of Prevage\’s Advanced Anti-Ageing Serum (50ml $265.00) and Day Ultra Protection Anti-Ageing Moisturiser with Sunscreens (50ml $195.00).

Idebenone is the only antioxidant to receive the highest Environmental Protection Factor or EPF® rating of 95 out of 100. In other words, Idebenone has the highest protective capability of all the other antioxidants on the market.  So it makes sense that after using the serum, your skin instantly appears smoother and brighter. And after four weeks, expect skin that is firmer and more toned, and after eight weeks, expect the appearance of lines, wrinkles, age spots and discolorations to be significantly reduced. Over the long term, the skin\’s natural look of resilience is fortified, allowing skin to help fight the effects of environmental aggression.

For optimum results, use the serum with the Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturiser with Sunscreens. It\’s the first ever daytime moisturiser with sunscreens, environmental protection and the super ingredient, Idebenone. Together with the serum and in conjunction with the entire Prevage range, you can now have the ultimate in visible skincare correction, prevention and protection for younger, healthier looking skin.


I have been using the Face Serum, the Day Protection Moisturiser and Night Cream and to be honest I just loved the products and the results.  My skin looked really plump, hydrated, smoother and softer … the creams are light weight so didn’t overwhelm my skin and didn’t cause a break out.  I am not a big fan of having creams in jars so I was initially disappointed when I saw the Night Cream came in a jar but Elizabeth Arden surprised me when I opened it.  It is an airless jar with a one touch dispensing system, customised for Elizabeth Arden, to keep the product sealed and fresh.

BUT: The Cosmetic Cop although they give the range a Smiley Face and agree that it is a good range they do suggest that Elizabeth Arden has prematurely come out saying that Idebenone is the best antioxidant in the market.  They state that the study didn’t do enough of a comparison with the 100’s of antioxidants in the market place nor did they do a combination study which could perhaps show a cocktail of antioxidants that would far surpass Idebenone. They do say that the products contain several skin-friendly ingredients but feel that the products are not worth the high pricing because it’s not been proven that Idebenone is the definitive antioxidant and it’s widely believed by researchers that the cocktail approach for antioxidants is the way forward.

We know we need to put antioxidants on our skin to help combat the ravages of free radicals so may be Elizabeth Arden have over reached in their claims to say it’s the ‘most powerful’ but I definitely give this range a thumbs up, I guess it’s up to what you’re willing to spend.

The PREVAGE® High Performance Skincare Lineup includes:

  • NEW PREVAGE® Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer with Sunscreens 50 ml RRP $195
  • PREVAGE® Face Advanced Anti-aging Formula 30ml RRP $195 50 ml RRP $265
  • PREVAGE® Eye Anti-aging Moisturizing Treatment 15 ml RRP $150
  • PREVAGE® Anti-aging Night Cream 50 g RRP $210
  • PREVAGE® Body Total Transforming Anti-aging Moisturizer 200 ml RRP $200

Available now at Elizabeth Arden counters nationally. For stockists, call 1 800 015 500.

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