Video: Victoria’s Secret 15 yrs Fashion Flashback

| 30 March , 2010 | Reply

As we know Victoria’s Secret are celebrating 15 years of their Swimsuit Catalogues, and here is a fashion flashback of some of their photoshoot highlights over the 15 years, see a fresh faced Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks and of course Miranda Kerr sneaks in at the end shooting for 2009!

Miranda Kerr on the 15th Anniversary party red carpet

Seriously Victoria’s Secret is a well oiled machine and the Angels have just become a cultural phenomenon, they work their butts off and are pimped out at every street corner!  There never seems a day goes by without something being pumped out of the Victoria’s Secret office!  Can you imagine what it must be like being part of that?  Surreal!

What do you think?  Are you caught up like I am in the Victoria’s Secret obsessesion?

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