Bowie Wong: A Paranormal Romance 2010

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Monday night I went down the white rabbit hole to the Rabbit Gallery in Chippendale to a wonderland supernatural evening with the winners of my twitter comp @ColinLieu, @Ihatecinderella and @Steph_Kramer for Bowie Wong’s Autumn/Winter 2010 collection launch entitled “A Paranormal Romance“. (Look for Amanda, Colin & Steph with Bowie towards the end of the gallery below, they are standing in front of the ‘big red car’).

Bowie’s collection is exquisite in its detail, a monochromatic collection of heavenly pieces bursting with ruffles and soft metallics, colours of black, white and gold, and romantic shades of purples and blues heightened our senses. Supernatural wonder and imperfect romance were echoed by the unconventional materials and floral silhouettes.  It was hard to choose a favourite piece, but this one below is one of mine.

As for his trans-seasonal ready to wear cashmere collection – Love All Seasons, Ultrafine Cashmere – inspired by the Japanese Yukatas to the architectural lines of Manhattan skyscrapers, it was just to die for!  The Cashmere collection is currently available in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, France and Germany and the show will be making its way to New York City in September 2010 – how excitement!  (And online from 1st April (tomorrow people) here in Australia.)

Bowie is not only incredibly talented, I heart his character, he’s so down-to-earth, humble, relatively shy and doesn’t like a fuss, he just likes to get on with his gift of creating exquisite fashion.

Seated with us front we saw Channel V VJ’s Renee Bargh and Billy Russell, Maude Garrett (wearing a Bowie design), Lyndsey Rodrigues and Nikki Phillips, all clamouring afterwards to ‘bags’ pieces for their next red carpet event. I was honoured to be sitting next to the very charming and talented Henry Roth, I loved his down-to-earthiness and the way he thinks, we had some interesting conversations we did!

Maria Gabriel from Make Up Store and her artistic team were backstage to create the striking ‘paranormal’ looks on the models.  The makeup was centered on dramatic eyes and a soft, matte finished face and lips were kept clean and subtle with Lipstick in “Bare”. Eyebrows were lightened with concealer a few shades lighter than their natural colour, a trend that was seen at the recent Paris shows giving a haunting and romantic finish, so on-trend! (Close ups at the end of the gallery).

Wrap yourself up this winter with a little something from Bowie’s cashmere! 🙂

All in all, an awesome evening of wonderment!

Images courtesy of Henry L Photos

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