SUSU Girl is creatively Australian

| 1 April , 2010 | Reply

I just came across this quirky and whimsical Australian brand SUSU.  SUSU is the creation of twin design duo JSK and JJK.  They are noted for their quirky, curious, cute yet sexy designs; a harmonious blend of playful juxtapositions.

City Black & Lady in Red are two bags created by the designers and they have been incredibly creative in their marketing execution, just brilliant, love it! Using fashion illustrations to create a storyline around the bags rather than just having bags photographed on their own, very very clever!

The bags are white calf skin synthetic leather and retail for A$99 ea.

A SUSU girl is a unique individual who is drawn to something edgy, who loves trends but is not afraid to explore and follow her intuition.

I’ve also included some of their illustrations, aren’t they so adorable? Are you a SUSU Girl?

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