She\’s Out of My League

| 3 April , 2010 | Reply

Monique Kinerson

Starring: Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve

It hit the cinemas in the Easter Break and for a bit of a laugh guys – take your gals to see this one!  You KNOW you want to!  Besides, you will get to look at the fabulously, gorgeous Alice Eve.  And girls – I just found her so beautiful to look at – how can someone smile that much?  I don\’t know – but she was just lovely to watch.

And don\’t worry – there are some really great lines in this film – besides the fact that THIS guy could probably never get THIS girl – but what do I know?  I am still trying to work out the Megan Gale – Andy from the radio thing (see?  I don\’t even know his last name??)  My girlfriend reckons Megan could get any guy she wants, so maybe she just wanted “someone who could make her laugh?”  Oh my!  Now THAT teaches us all a lesson right?

This film is definitely a bit of fun but you are not going to come out of it with any ‘aha\’ moments besides the fact that confidence is really attractive and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What IS interesting is the scoring system built by one of Kirk\’s (Jay Baruchel) friends.  It is a complicated network that involves specific rules around ratings and who can date whom according to the score card.  It was funny to watch them discuss the system and also quite believable.  I pretty much came out of the movie depressed about my score card and wondering if I was dating ‘in my league\’& lol.  However, the film does offer some guidance at the end that pretty much made me get my mojo back – so don\’t fear movie goers!

This film gives you exactly what you would expect.  Some laughs, some awkward moments, some really fun times and a couple of unexpected quips from some lovely newcomers to the big screen.  Pretty much cast from an eclectic group – I think we will start to see a few more of these actors in future – and you gotta start somewhere – this ‘aint a bad option!

So get your glad rags on and see this film for a bit of holiday fun – definitely worth a look!

Fun fact – Alice Eve – the main chick in this flick has heterochromia; her right eye is green and her left blue!  Ha!  Try and find that – I didn\’t notice but that may have been because her hair just fell around her face so perfectly, I was dazzled by her smile and she was just too darn cute!  Or maybe they did some air brushing – because you can\’t notice it in photos.  Also, watch out for her in the Sex and the City Sequel as well – this girl is hitting the big time!

We can only hope to date someone ‘out of our league\’ so for some vicarious fun – check it out!  3 / 5


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