Sarah Jessica Parker: US Vogue May 2010

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FINALLY, here’s the Sarah Jessica Parker issue of US Vogue’s May 2010 issue … SJP is looking very Vogue on the front cover in a blue dress from the Calvin Klein Collection.

Photographed by Mario Testino in Jersey City, inside Vogue talk to SJP about her “Parker Power” … How the little girl from Ohio turned her career into a juggernaut, learned about fashion, launched perfumes, became president of a design house—and grew her family along the way.


On having children with a surrogate mother: “Meeting your children rather than giving birth to them, it\’s as if, um, it\’s—suspended animation. The gestational experience is gone. It\’s as if everything else disappears for a moment, and the world goes silent and—I can\’t explain it except to say that nothing else existed. I don\’t remember anything but the blanket on the bed that they were lying on and my husband\’s face and their faces and my son\’s. It\’s literally as if sound is sucked from the room. Time stands still. It\’s so different, and equally extraordinary.”

On twins Tabitha Hodge (“or Babe”) and Marion Loretta Elwell (“or Kitty”): “Aren\’t those great names? (grins) Babe Broderick! Kitty Broderick! It\’s like it\’s 1940. I wish it were 1940.”

On the importance of keeping perspective: “We painted our patio furniture ourselves&. I make my children\’s food myself. We put together their high chairs ourselves; we do a lot ourselves! We do our own grocery shopping, we go to the market ourselves, you know? I do my laundry.”

The upcoming Sex and the City sequel: “We four women, despite I guess what a lot of people hope, have never been better. This movie—and maybe it\’s because we actually lived together—it was the best! We were together all day long, at night, in the restaurants, in our hotels. It was wonderful.”

Sex and the City getting older: “We\’re still playing—uh, I don\’t know how old Carrie is! Is she about 42 now? I think Carrie\’s younger than I [Parker is 45], and Miranda and Charlotte are younger than they are in real life. Samantha was always the older lady, so she\’s 52 now and talks a lot about what comes with that. In the movie. Talks about menopause. Comedically.”

Behind the Scenes Video:

You can read the full SJP cover story at

So excited, so excited, so excited … all the little tidbits are slowly rolling out for us to get us excited and it’s working!  Can’t wait to see if Marie Claire issue the four covers like last time for the June 2010 issue!

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