Cadbury’s Chocolate is now Fairtrade Certified

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Cadbury® Dairy Milkâ„¢ milk chocolate, the nation\’s favourite chocolate in Australia is now Fairtrade Certifiedâ„¢ and on sale throughout the country.

Fairtrade provides farmers with the security of fair and stable prices for their produce and social premiums for investment in economic and local community development. Fairtrade helps these communities through trade not aid.

In Ghana, one of the main countries from where Cadbury globally sources its cocoa beans, 45 thousand farmers and their communities have already benefited from Cadbury\’s global commitment to Fairtrade, a figure which is expected to increase to up to one million farmers within the next ten years through the work of Fairtrade and the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership.

“Cadbury is leading the way, listening to consumers and demonstrating that major chocolate manufacturers can make a real difference by helping to tackle poverty and empowering poor and disadvantaged cocoa farmers. We actively encourage other manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand to follow Cadbury’s lead” said Executive Director of Fairtrade Labelling ANZ, Steve Knapp.

Aussie Olympic hero, Libby Trickett, has joined forces with Fairtrade and Cadbury and is helping educate the nation about the benefits of buying Fairtrade Certifiedâ„¢ products. As a Cadbury Fairtrade ambassador, Libby recently traveled more than 15,000km to Ghana to learn first hand about the difference Fairtrade Certificationâ„¢ can make.

Speaking about the trip Libby said:

“Experiencing first hand the difference Fairtrade makes was both inspiring and overwhelming. Something as simple as having a well built in a village means for the children of that community, instead of walking for hours every day to collect water, they can go to school. Fairtrade empowers these communities and for the first time they can plan for a future. Choosing which chocolate to treat yourself with has a direct impact on these people\’s lives.”

For more on the difference Fairtrade makes for developing country farmers and their communities visit or Cadbury’s Facebook page.

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