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| 18 April , 2010 | 6 Replies

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Palmer’s are savvy – they know what women want (and thank goodness for that.) Having been our brand of choice for body products for decades, Palmer’s signature Cocoa Butter Formula range has launched a skin care line for the face earlier this year to make our skin care regime easier (and oh-so-affordable). The collection includes a cleanser, exfoliant, day cream with SPF, night cream and eye cream to keep your dehydration and anti-age issues at bay, each product accompanied with a white lily fragrance, and enriched with Vitamin E – a very important antioxidant.

I have been pleasantly surprised with how easy the products are to use. The packaging and its boxes contain information about the product and exmplain what they do. Yet with all good things come negatives and my main gripe with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula skin care is the heavy use of parabens in each product. Parabens are preservatives but are widely used in cosmetics because they provide less irritation than other preservatives, however they have not been proven to pose as  health risks.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Gentle Daily Cleanser ($9.99)
I am not sold on Gentle Daily Cleanser because the range’s signature White Lily scent is strong and off-putting. It looks like a creamy formula as it is released from the tube, but upon contact with the skin, it starts to curdle and looks more like oats in porridge. While it cleansed my skin, it was not impressive, nor did I detest it but I did find I squeezed the tube a little too generously upon application, in hope of using it up faster. Gentle Daily Cleanser claims to foam up and lather but I disagree. I tried to lather it on many occasion but the formula just went milky instead. However antioxidants are a bonus as well as the milk proteins which act to bind hydration and soften the skin over time.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Gentle Exfoliating Scrub ($9.99)
Compared to the exfoliants I have used recently (most which come in tiny tubes), Gentle Exfoliating Scrub guarantees more for your money but like Gentle Daily Cleanser, the scrub smells too strong and is also off-putting. If you like a strong-scented product then it will entice your nostrils, otherwise it will make them flare as it lingers on after the product has been rinsed off. The formula itself is watery – understandable, considering the main ingredient is water. ‘Micro-fine’ cocoa beads are visible, varying in size and not specifically gentle as the name suggests but I do agree that it should be used two to three times per week at most. If you find it is too harsh for the skin, I suggest trying it as a hand scrub because either way, you cannot go wrong for ten dollars.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Line Smoothing Eye Cream ($12.99)
Line Smoothing Eye Cream claims to smooth and soften fine lines around the eyes (mission achieved: the condition of my eye-area has been maintained with regular use). I am amazed that even the eye cream contains the range’s white lily scent. Although super-subtle I can still smell the fragrance, yet it does not irritate my eyes like most do, which is a nice change. The formula is rich and creamy so be sure to apply no higher than the cheekbone. Because the formula is rich you will be able to stretch the product out for longer, making it an added bonus for this bargain buy. Containing a cocktail of vitamins including retinol to encourage the renewal of skin and milk proteins to improve the skin’s texture makes Line Smoothing Eye Cream a winner.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Facial Lotion SPF15 ($12.99)
This is my favourite product in the range. While the white lily fragrance is present, it is tolerable and does not smell as strongly as its counterpart cleanser and scrub. Daily Facial Lotion is great value for many reasons: it contains SPF15 sun protection, yet it is a lightweight moisturiser that feels smooth and absorbs quickly. Daily Facial Lotion SPF15 contains milk proteins to hydrate and soften skin as well as peptides to heal and protect  The squeeze tube is convenient and hygienic, as well as making it a perfect choice to packaging in an overnight bag.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Night Renewal Cream ($12.99):
The first thing I noticed when using Night Renewal Cream was the white lily scent, though not as strong as it appears in the line’s cleanser and scrub. Putting that aside Night Renewal Cream is a really beautiful formula, and the overall results have been pleasing. Being a night cream, it contains different ingredients to the day lotion, such as Retinol to improve the conditionof the skin. The jar does not come with a spatula and it should to prolong its shelf life. If in need of a night cream, Night Renewal Cream is not my first choice but I would not hesitate recommending it to others.

My overall opinion: I am really pleased with the results from the Cocoa Butter Formula range  – gone are the pesky white heads that sit under my skin on a regular basis and my skin is looking plump which I credit to the moisturisers. My eyes are not as irritated or puffy as they have been lately after using organic products, and I feel confident in my skin. If I was to give the product line an overall rating I would give it 3/5.

For more information on Palmer’s skin care, click here.

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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    That’s so great to hear, I love hearing when a product works for someone. As you said it does come down to personal preferences and skin types but it’s so good to hear they are working.

  2. Nicki says:

    Love it! I have been looking for a good skin care range for a long time.. and I’m impressed with Palmer’s!

    It all comes down to personal preferences, and b/c each individual has different sensitivity to different products it might not be for every one. For eg, my skin didn’t agree with some of Olay’s products… but OLAY is a top brand! So I’ve switched to Palmer’s, which personally just works for my skin.

  3. Sassi Sam says:

    Hey Eva,
    That’s great to hear … at the end of the day it really comes down to personal thoughts and experiences.

  4. Eva says:

    The Cleanser had a beautiful perfume and left my skin feeling clean and fresh. I found the daily lotion had a light smooth texture, but for a couple of minutes stinged a little. The night renewal cream went on smoothly and made my skin feel healthier and enriched. It looked more radiant.

  5. Monique says:

    I have to disagree with you on the sent of these products, it my case I dont find them to be strong at all and far form unpleasent.

    Also I really like the richness and texture of all the products as its does great for sensitive and dryer parts of my skin, like cheeks, where I get a lot of redness and it reduces it remarkably.

  6. I’ve just started using the day and night creams and have found them really good! I agree that the lily smell is quite strong, although I love the richness for the price!

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