Before I Forget, Melissa Hill

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Samantha Singer

What If You Were Told You\’ll Lose All Your Memories?

Before I Forget by Melissa Hill is a brilliant novel with a unique story; Hill writes of Abby, an Irish girl involved in a freak accident which has permanent effects on her long term memory. Unable to recall how many sugars she takes in her coffee or what exactly “Parmesan” is; Abby still struggles to forget Kieran, her boyfriend of five years who recently dumped her for another.

Before I Forget takes you on a journey through New York, London and Paris, allowing you see and experience all the Abby does, and boy does she have some amazing experiences! From opera in Verona to driving a Ferrari, Abby is determined to have the most unforgettable year of her life in an effort to save her memory.

Nothing helps her though as much as Finn, the dreamy brown-eyed Irishman who surprises Abby again and again.

A tale of heart-break, insecurities, whirlwind experiences and love, Hill achieves it all, even throwing in an eerie twist towards the end of the book that is sure to knock every reader over.

Not only is this book a great way vicariously live through the most expensive, romantic, fun experiences, but it\’s an excellent read.

Take it on holidays, read it on the train, or curl up in bed with it. Melissa Hill has done a great job with Before I Forget.

Available now: Hachette RRP$22.99


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