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You might want to remember the letters: DDF, which stands for Doctors Dermatologic Formula, not only because it has reached our shores, but because it\’s actually worth knowing about.

Created by renowned New York dermatologist Dr Howard Sobel, DDF offers products that are backed up by dermatological knowledge, but are still accessible over the counter. The range features five skincare regimes including Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Anti-Ageing Preventative, Anti-Ageing Restorative and Sensitive. Each regime nurses you back to healthy skin through a four-step process: cleanse, moisturise, treat and protect.

Behind the DDF brand is up-to-the-minute technology. DDF is part of Procter & Gamble Beauty and they have 1800 scientists working in their laboratories. Aside from that insane number, DDF collaborates with some of the best of the best in the skin care industry, through an Integrated Science global network. In fact, the DDF Integrated Science global external network is responsible for 5 of the biggest skin care breakthroughs, including advancements in retinoid peptide and antioxidant technologies. With all this research going into every product, it is no surprise that DDF has received numerous awards.

DDF is available exclusively from Kit Cosmetics stores and what\’s great is that the Kit ladies are happy to give you a run through the products and offer you samples so you can test them for yourself at home.

Here\’s a sneak peek at the different ranges:

Targeted Regime: Acne

The acne range effectively treats acne for clearer more balanced skin. Keep an eye out for the Sulphur Therapeutic Mask (54.95), I hear it also works wonders when dabbed onto pesky spots and left on for the night.

Targeted Regime: Hyperpigmentation

This range fades pigmentation and discoloration spots for more even skin tone. The ingredients also work to whiten and brighten your skin.

Targeted Regime: Sensitive

The sensitive range soothes and clams your skin for a clearer and more even complexion. This gentle and lightweight formula features Antioxidants, A, C, E and grapeseed oil.

Targeted Regime: Anti-ageing Preventative

You know they say the best defence is a good offense, so why not kick start the fight against lines and wrinkles with this Anti-ageing Preventative range. It\’s full of anti-oxidants to fight off free radicals and surface damage.

Targeted Regime: Anti-ageing Restorative

This range will correct, plus prevent future lines and wrinkles. The secret ingredient in this range is turmeric, which not only tastes great in curries, but is high in anti-oxidants as well. But don\’t worry, smells nothing like butter chicken.

My hero product is the Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimiser (above) – Moisturise whilst instantly minimizing the look of wrinkles and pores with this unique serum.  Seriously, HERO PRODUCT, wear it everyday no matter what regime I am using or testing, can’t live without it.

For more info on the DDF range visit www.kitcosmetics.com or simply visit your local Kit Cosmetics store.

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