Max Brenner: Body Spa Collection is too delicious

| 24 April , 2010 | 1 Reply

Max Brenner has turned chocolate dreams into reality with his Spa Collection, BODY.  Dedicated to making you look and feel deliciously beautiful, Max Brenner BODY offers Aussie beauty lovers with a weakness for chocolate an indulging chocolate experience.

Created from pure cocoa butter and rare confectionery ingredients, Max Brenner’s decadent Spa Collection helps nourish and enrich the skin whilst helping to improve its elasticity and serving as a source of antioxidants. Some of the luxurious products in the range include the Ivory Coast Cocoa Butter Body Milk $26 (RRP), Pure Cocoa Body Butter $32 (RRP) and the Ivory Coast Cocoa Butter Bubble Bath $26 (RRP).

In crafting the BODY, Max has used his vast knowledge in the sourcing of pure origin cocoa and confectionery ingredients such as oriental spices, wild honey and almond oil to create a unique formula for the body and soul. With his skills in the art of confectionery combinations, he transcends the taste buds to delight the delicate senses of the body.

Cocoa butter is the secret to premium chocolate making and is the very heart of Max Brenner BODY. Because it melts at a temperature below our body temperature, it defines the special texture of chocolate and gives it the sumptuous, melt in the mouth feel that we all love. These unique qualities of cocoa butter have enabled Max Brenner to create delicate body treatment products that, melts into the skin, to help retain moisture while allowing the skin to breathe easily.

Max carefully selected the Ivory Coast’s premium cocoa butter for his decadent Spa Collection as it is believed to relieve stress and boost the immune system, plus it has a wonderfully smooth texture and deliciously warming natural aromas of vanilla and orchid flowers.

For skin good enough to eat, take a moment to spoil yourself and treat your senses completely guilt free with Max Brenner’s Spa Collection, BODY available now at your nearest Max Brenner Chocolate Shop or online at Max Brenner Online, perfect Mother’s Day Gift idea!

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  1. Kimberley says:

    Ohmygoodness, this has my name on it. Anything dessert smelling in the bathroom is so up my alley, and I honestly could have this whole collection. I’d be a walking chocolate smelling factory of course! LOL

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