What Kate Did Next, Lisa Heidke

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Kristy McCormick

Her husband\’s a workaholic, her kids are growing up – the time has come for Kate to follow some of her own dreams…

The second novel from Lisa Heidke, titled What Kate did Next, is a warm and engaging read. The story is that of Kate Cavendish – mother of two, wife, sister and daughter. Somewhere in the day to day life of coping with a moody teenage daughter, an exceptionally needy sister and often absent husband Kate seems to have forgotten about herself. And when a chance meeting with an old university friend finds her with a temporary job as a photographers assistant on a best selling magazine, Kate finds herself wondering where her own ambition went.

A long time ago – before children, sleepless nights and endless runs to the supermarket – Kate too was a successful photographer. Verging on greatness, she shelved her plans for a career in photography, including a desire to open her own studio and publish a book of her own images, to take care of her family. And now, with the kids almost grown up, she wonders if she still has what it takes to make it in the world she knew a long time ago.

The novel follows Kate\’s often hilarious foray back into the world of photography, magazines and, well, real life! She finds herself struggling with finding suitable clothes to wear to work, topics to talk about with younger and hipper colleagues, and the decision on whether to reject or encourage some flirtatious advances from her new boss. All the while Kate is still trying to juggle her kids (including a wayward teenage daughter); a husband who is pressuring her to move overseas; her pregnant and single sister; and the fact that her parents are talking again after twenty years apart. Then there\’s also the matter of the gorgeous soccer coach, her best friend (who is in desperate need of a shoulder to cry on), and the affair that she doesn\’t really want to know about and yet is somehow caught in the middle of!

All of this adds up to a hectic and fabulous romp through what is really a pretty average picture of lots of mum\’s lives! Yes, there\’s a lot going on and yes, it does seem as though nothing is easy for Kate. But it is a totally believable story for all of that – well written and balanced with humour and real emotion – as well as great insight into the day to day life of families trying to balance it all. I loved it!

Available now:  Allen & Unwin RRP$29.95


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