Get Her Off The Pitch; How Sport Took Over My Life: Lynn Truss

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Jane de Graaff, I Ate It All

It\’s not often that I venture outside the world of food and food books for reviewing. It takes a fair bit of interest to shift me from this happy comfort zone- but when Lynne Truss\’ new book came my way, I thought maybe it was time to step outside of the food zone, if only for a moment.

I was sceptical when I began. After all I\’m not the sporty type.
The only time I kick a ball is to try and make my puppy run, and the fact that he\’s not a retriever and rarely comes back with it for me to throw again has never been an issue for our doggy/master relationship.

So I was interested to see if the erstwhile comments of a female sports writer could turn me into a sport-loving lunatic given the right angle and enough personal insight.

It took about three pages. Probably two if I\’m being honest, but I was trying really hard to hold out and stick with my non-interest in sports.

What I love about this story is that Truss was thrown into the sports arena much the same way I was into her book- she and I both started out knowing nothing about sports.

To be exact, not only did we know very little about sport- we were pretty happy to keep it that way and be very vocal about our lack of interest indeed.

The difference here is that Truss managed to make a career out of her lack of sporting knowledge and interest. The boss at Truss\’ UK newspaper decided that sending a woman who didn\’t care much about sport to report on that very subject might be 1.) a very interesting experiment in turning attitudes around indeed and 2.) a really good way to reach readers who weren\’t that keen on sport, but who might be interested in reading the columns of a journo who shared that opinion& What can I say other than ingenious.

Truss\’ rye comments about the surrounding atmosphere of boxing, her blissful ignorance that had her asking odd (and sometimes decidedly amusing) questions and her humorous honesty about how easily she was sucked into the hype and testosterone of the boxing world, really struck a chord for me. I\’m not one for violence at the best of times, much less when it comes under the guise of organised sports. But leave the topic in the hands of Truss and I found myself screaming for blood!

The list of sports to cop the Truss treatment included tennis, football (as in soccer) and cricket& all of which generally bore me witless. Enter intrepid Truss and suddenly I find them all both hilarious and interesting.

She saves her real passion for golf tournaments however, and all the attendant hoo-ha that goes with it. All I can say is- grab yourself a copy and forget everything you ever thought you knew (or didn\’t) about sports. You\’re about to be educated.


Available now:  HarperCollins RRP$27.99


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