KLEENEX® Tissue Tubes

| 8 May , 2010 | 3 Replies

Kleenex® has taken tissues out of the box, launching the stylish and compact Kleenex® Tubes range, the essential tissue solution for small spaces.

I love these, seriously who needs a tissue box taking up tonnes of space on your desk or in the bathroom?  And conveniently, the tubes have been specifically designed to fit in the cup holder of your car!

And even better, they come in funky eye-catching designs.  The Kleenex® Tubes are available now from your local supermarket and pharmacy.

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  1. Tammerly says:

    Awesome idea – I love it!

  2. Sassi Sam says:

    I know, and that’s why I love them too … even though it’s a bit naff to love something like that but it’s always the simple things in life 🙂

  3. Siany says:

    Such a fabulous, yet simple idea!! 🙂

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