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Tina Gamble

After the exciting events of her second novel, Masquerade, Melissa de la Cruz is back again with the next instalment in the ever-addicting Blue Bloods series, Revelations.

Bringing back all your favourite characters – Schuyler, Oliver, Jack, Mimi and Bliss – fighting for life, love and sanity, Revelations is a whirlwind ride, that takes you from the heart of New York city, then down south to the colourful land of Rio, Brazil.

Melissa de la Cruz\’s novel Revelations is a solid continuation of the series. Admittedly, not as good as the second novel, de la Cruz\’s third novel displays a lot of potential, which will keep readers hooked, and running to their local bookstores in search of the fourth novel.

At the start of the novel, we find Schuyler now settled in and living with the Forces. There are some changes and twists in the relationships of all our favourite Blue Bloods, with the love triangle of Schuyler, Oliver and Jack displaying more prominence.

Mimi has taken an active role in the Conclave, and soon finds herself face to face with someone she thought she\’d never see again. The Conclave is also brought out a lot more in this novel, as we learn more history behind the secret society.

Lawrence, Schuyler\’s grandfather, heads to Corcovado in Rio, after all the Blue Bloods feel the tremors of a ‘sending\’ – a disturbance to their source of power. There are fears of betrayal, and the possibility that not only have more Silver Bloods survived, but that the Dark Prince is among them.

More secrets are revealed in this novel, as several characters find out more truths about themselves and about others. I found certain characters shone more brightly in this novel, and greatly enjoyed the different dynamics between them all.

The plot tends to rise and fall throughout, with several highlights as the story unfolds. There are several lead ups, hinting at the beginnings of a new direction for the fourth novel and one I can not wait to read.

Filled with all the glitz, glamour, love and betrayal of the second novel, Melissa de la Cruz\’s Revelations, knocks it up a notch, with the addition of a couple of past characters, this novel is partway between a teen high society adventure novel and a daytime soapie drama.

It\’s pure indulgence, like chilli chocolate – smooth, and creamy with a sharp bite.

Our review on her first book, Blue Bloods and second book Masquerade.

Available now: Hachette RRP$16.99


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