Entertainment Weekly: Sex & The City 2 Gossip

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Gawd, I meant to post this yesterday when I first saw it, but alas I got caught up and didn’t.  But anyway, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis are looking like the Sex & The City best friends they are on the cover of this week\’s Entertainment Weekly.  I absolutely adore their outfits they are all wearing, will update if I find out who they are wearing.

More gossip is dished from the set of Sex and the City 2:

SJP, on wearing couture in the desert: Kim and I had this camel that without any warning would just sit down whenever he wanted. And we were dressed like lunatics! Designer couture on camels. And I mean Couture. I had some vintage Dior pieces from the couture archives on a camel.”

Chris Noth, on not being asked to go to Morocco to film: “I had [the series finale in] Paris, but I was still really f—-ing pissed! [John] Corbett gets to go? I said, \’If there\’s another one, Carrie and Big are going on a worldwide f—ing tour because we need to spruce things up before her first baby or something.\’ I don\’t know, I\’m making it up.”

John Corbett on getting to go to Morocco: “I love it, because I was ultra-jealous of those guys when they got to be in the first movie. I called Noth on his birthday while I was there. I passed the phone around. I couldn’t wait to rub it in, because he was really bummed out that he couldn’t come. I like creating jealousy.”

Kristin, on meeting her fellow castmembers: “Our first day on the set, Sarah Jessica had this big thing of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and she invited me to her trailer. She [said] ‘Let\’s hang out and get to know each other.\’ We had 18-hour days, so we bonded pretty quickly. The most famous person on the set, you take their lead.”

I wonder if there will be more photos of them inside?  Will watch and see as it’s on newsstands today in the US!

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