Magic Under Glass, Jaclyn Dolamore

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Tina Gamble

When Nimira accepts a position singing for the mysterious Hollin Parry, she wasn’t expecting to be thrust into a world full of intrigue and magic. Where secrets lay guarded behind closed doors, and an evil sorcerer plots to bring down the fairy realm.

“… They claim it’s haunted.”

My brows lifted. “Haunted?”

“They’ve said that it moans, or turns its eyes to look at them… I’m looking for a girl who isn’t afraid of a ghost.”

Jaclyn Dolamore’s enchanting debut Magic Under Glass is a delightful read that takes you into a world that’s softly laced with magic and fantasy. Where fairies, sorcerers, and lost spirits roam. With evil plots and hidden secrets, and a romance that gently kindles.

This story is bittersweet and it’s hard not to feel for the characters. I was completely entranced when reading Dolamore’s novel, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a light and charming novel – it’s a perfect way to warm you on a cold winters night.

Settling into her new home, Nimira discovers a young fairy enchanted in a machine, curious, charmed and wanting to help, she agrees to find a way to set him free. With various questions running through her mind, she no longer knows where to turn and who to trust, as dark secrets soon rise to the surface, threatening the very lives of Nimira and her friends.

One of the things I like about this novel is Dolamore’s characterisation. Whilst keeping it light and brief, she still demonstrates a depth to her characters, showing that they are not all black and white – there is some gray area to each of them.

Magic Under Glass is endearing and sweet – a story that holds a lot of promise for the future – with a happy mix of fantasy, mystery and romance, and a variety of characters that are sure to suit anyone’s taste. This is undoubtedly the start of something wonderful and I look forward to seeing what else Dolamore has to offer.

Available now: Allen & Unwin RRP$16.99


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