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Cate Blanchett is on the cover and inside W Magazine’s June 2010 issue.  Photographed in Berlin by Craig McDean and styled by Lori Goldstein, the stylish mum wears on the front cover Yves Saint Laurent silk satin bustier.  On the front cover they flag Cate as “Practically perfect in every way – but try getting her to admit it” and I have to agree, Cate is definitely someone to aspire to be like.

Inside Cate wears Giorgio Armani, Chloé\’s silk jersey jumpsuit, Etro silk kimono gown and dress and she shares:

Life with three boys: Dashiell, eight; Roman, six; and Ignatius, two, who goes by Iggy. “Everyone says, ‘Oh, you must have [been trying] to have a girl,\’” she says, adding that she\’s open to having another child, regardless of gender. “If the next one was a boy, then that\’s just our lot! It\’s true you do get a bit demented [with three boys].” But, she adds, “the chaos of it is great.”

On her husband\’s influence: “My husband keeps me really honest. I remember him saying to me after I made Elizabeth, ‘Sweetheart, you\’ve probably got about five years.\’ He was preparing me for the time when the work dries up, as it invariably does.”

Blanchett\’s husband, playwright Andrew Upton, on his wife as a coworker: “She challenges, but she\’s not aggressive. I can tend to be a bit scattergun. She\’s quite practical in the end, so I often just fire off, and she\’ll sort of pick up the pieces or choose the best bits. She would be the first and pretty much only person I would seriously seek counsel from. We\’re fairly brutal with each other.”

On working with her husband: “We\’re really open. I have friends—she\’s an actor/writer married to a director—and she was horrified when we said we were going to work together. She said they don\’t talk about work because they don\’t want to venture into the territory of being criticized by you partner. But I know what to do with the criticism.”

You can read her full interview at W Magazine’s website.

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