Foursome, Jane Fallon

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Kristy McCormick

Let me just say this straight up – I loved this book! I was genuinely disappointed when I got to the last page.

Foursome is Jane Fallon’s latest, and third, bestseller and let me tell you it’s an absolute ripper of a read. There’s nothing overly dramatic or scandalous, but the story rocks along with twists and turns enough to keep you engaged and a real enough bunch of characters and plots to keep it interesting.

Rebecca, Daniel, Alex and Isabel have been best friends since university. Thrown together in a share house, they paired up and have been inseparable for the last twenty years. Rebecca married Daniel, Alex married Isabel, both couples have kids, homes, jobs and the usual stuff that fills our day to day lives. They still do everything together – regular dinners, nights out, holidays – and share traditions such as Christmas Eve dinner.

But what happens to this exclusive foursome when one of them wants out? When Alex decides he doesn’t want to be married to Isabel any more, it affects not only her and their kids but the rest of their tight knit group as well. It causes upheaval, with divided loyalties and secrets that perhaps should have stayed untold.

As this sometime group of four becomes a group of three, and occasionally two, Rebecca mourns the loss of her life as she knew it. She is torn between Isabel, her best friend, and Alex, who it appears is not really the friend they all thought he was. And as they begin to form new relationships, Rebecca wonders if she will be able to make new friends and move on with her life, or if she will be forced to try desperately to hang onto what she’s always known.

Whilst all this is going on Rebecca is also struggling at work with her neurotic and bitchy colleague Lorna – who is about to make an unscheduled and very unwanted appearance in her personal life as well.

Suffice to say, all of this drama leads to some hilarious moments, some sad moments and overall a great read. I haven’t read Jane Fallon’s other books but I have to say – lead me to them!

Available now: Penguin RRP$32.95


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