Invisible I: The Amanda Project, Stella Lennon

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Tina Gamble

Who is Amanda Valentino?

And why did she lie?

Invisible I is the first book in The Amanda Project. Encompassing a variety of writers, the name Stella Lennon was created to represent the whole. Melissa Kantor wrote this first book from the point of view of Callie, with the second book, Signal from afar, to be released later this year, written by Peter Silsbee as Hal Bennett.

The Amanda Project is an interactive mystery that allows readers to get involved to help discover the truth about Amanda. After reading the book, I logged onto the website to have a bit of a squiz around, curious about the whole concept of this eight book series, and what I found was a whole other world.

The website is set up just as you would expect from the book, therefore making readers really feel a part of the adventure. There are regular posts from the characters and plenty of room for you to interact with not only the characters but also other fans of the series that have created their own characters – all with connections to Amanda and the mystery that surrounds her.

As to the novel, it was definitely a fascinating read. At times I did wonder if perhaps it was going to become a bit too far fetched. But sometimes that’s what we need – a bit of the extraordinary in an otherwise everyday normal life. This first novel was a good start, which could go one way or the other – depending on realism – though from the way it has started, I’m definitely curious enough to want to find out more.

To each of the characters – Callie, Hal, Nia – it seemed Amanda was what each of them needed at the time – to provide them with strength, an extra push, courage to face the truth and a friend when they really needed someone.

Amanda was a chameleon; she changed to suit the person she was with. She added an extra excitement into their lives and helped to bring three completely different students together, allowing them to see the truth in people and create a friendship, under the most unlikely of circumstances.

Invisible I: The Amanda Project is a fun ride through high school, as Callie, Hal and Nia are brought together to solve the mystery of Amanda Valentino. What is the mystery that surrounds her? Who is she really? And where has she gone? This novel will keep you guessing, eager to discover the truth. And for those wanting to find out more, check out the website, create a character and be inducted into Amanda’s world.

Available now: HarperCollins RRP$16.99


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