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Tina Gamble

Hunters, and Immortals, and Zombies! Oh my!

Nick Gautier – a fourteen-year-old boy – all street smarts and sarcasm, has his life turned upside down, after students at his local high school start attacking each other. What would cause a guy to try and eat his best friend? And who are all these mysterious characters suddenly taking a keen interest in Nick?

When the veil is lifted, Nick soon finds himself in a world, both familiar and surreal – where evil roams, immortals live, and hunters fight to save humanity. Who can he trust? And what if the very evil he fights to defeat is already living inside of him?

Can Nick manage to defeat the darkness inside and the evil that roams  – all without getting grounded, suspended … or killed?

‘Infinity is never-ending’

‘… Which means you keep going and going no matter what happens or what obstacles you meet… There’s always a way.’

Sherrilyn Kenyon’s new novel Infinity is the first in her spin-off from her hugely popular Dark Hunter series, beginning a new YA series, The Chronicles of Nick. This novel is a teen novel and for fans of Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series – you may either love it or hate it.

Personally, being relatively new to Kenyon’s writing, I thought it was an interesting read – something different and entertaining, though having glimpsed some of her other works, I would say it is decidedly more youth oriented than her other novels (as her intention).

If 2009 was mostly vampires and werewolves, 2010 seems to be strong in bringing out the angels and zombies. This book is no exception. Bringing together immortals, vampires and werewolves, Kenyon, also draws on the increasingly popular theme of zombies.

Though her plot was at times a little questionable in realism, it still held for a fascinating read. I did, however, wish for a bit more background. There were so many characters in this novel (many doing cameo’s from the Dark Hunter series), and even newbie’s to the series could tell that there was more to the story, but as it was, there was little building on the characters, apart from Nick, and I would have loved to have learned more about them. Especially Kyrian, Ash, Tabitha and Caleb.

One thing that I couldn’t help but cringe at was the amount of ‘dang’s’ going around in this novel. Not just Nick, but Madaug and Kyrian are even spotted in saying ‘dang’. Not that I have anything against the world, but realistically, I can’t think of any guy I know saying ‘dang’. I kind of think I might have preferred swearing or at least something a little bit stronger. Having said that it’s just my opinion, and I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who may think it’s charming or cute, it does have that appealing ring to it – it’s just to me, it doesn’t ring so true.

But all in all, Infinity is a great book for readers new to Kenyon and the world of Dark Hunters. For fans of the series – it is a good read, but it is also aimed at teens, so there is a lot less romance, and a lot more high school drama, and teenage angst, so keep that in mind, in case you find it is not what you expected.

There is wit, sarcasm, and a whole lot of action. The characters are quirky and endearing, and the plotline is a nice step away from your average teen paranormal fiction.

Go back to the start, and enter a place where people are not always what they seem.

Available now: Hachette RRP$32.99


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