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It’s been ages since I’ve done an Sunday Archive post.  The water editorial photographed by Steven Meisel of Carolyn Murphy for Vogue Italia’s June 2005 issue is attention grabbing, entitled “Carolyn” it’s an awesome swimsuit homage editorial.

I had absolutely no idea that Carolyn had a big tattoo on her right thigh and I like how they didn’t photoshop it out (well in some they didn’t). And I have no idea what swimwear brands she’s wearing but can you imagine how long that photoshoot took? And how she didn’t turn into a prune in the process? And like the girls in TFS, I too don’t like the last image of her smoking!!

I would love to be lazing around in a pool today even though it’s 10 degrees right now and my fingers are about to snap off!  Enjoy the Sunday archive.

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