First Look: Mariah Carey’s Lollipop Bling Fragrance

| 17 June , 2010 | 4 Replies

Finally, here’s a first look at Mariah Carey’s Lollipop Bling Fragrance that we heard about a couple of months ago.  It comes via a paid advertorial in the New York Times (interesting!)!

When Mariah’s husband Nick Cannon proposed to her in 2008, he presented Mariah with a Ring Pop, the gem-shaped lollipop on a ring and inside was the proper engagement ring.  Upon hearing the story Elizabeth Arden incorporated this into their next fragrance proposal for Mariah and Mariah Carey’s Lollipop Bling was born!

There will be three fragrances, all named after Mariah’s songs “Ribbon,” “Honey” and “Mine Again,” will be introduced by July 1 at department stores in the US and with each purchase consumers will get a free Ring Pop.

Apparently the brand is going for the younger demographic of Mariah’s fan base, the 18-24 year olds:

“We think it will bring an even younger customer into the Mariah Carey franchise,” Ms. Dodge said. The Lollipop Bling line will be advertised in youth-oriented publications where ads for the celebrity’s fragrances had not previously appeared, like Seventeen and Teen Vogue. But Ms. Dodge emphasized that these “are not your typical teeny-bopper fragrances.”

While the scents “take a candy element as a thread to be woven in a fragrance,” they do so in a way that “elevates candy into a prestige environment,” she said.

A one-ounce bottle of the perfume will retail for US$35, the 1.5-ounce candy three-pack will cost about US$1.50. 

I seriously cannot wait to see her ad campaign material! Got the small campaign images from Mariah’s website.

Update:  I had confirmation today that Mariah’s Lollipop Bling will be on counters in Australia on 26th September (my sister’s birthday), will keep you posted.

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  1. Mia says:

    I love Mariah. She is truly my fav artist of all time. I cannot wait for this to be released. I dont buy other celeb fragrances, but since it’s MC…

  2. Sassi Sam says:

    It’s really hard isn’t it not to be sucked in by the marketing campaigns and wanting to ‘collect’ them all 🙂 I’ve yet to smell SJP’s NYC2 fragrance and Beyonce’s Heat, I need to get myself into a department store soon.

  3. I have been trying to ween myself of celeb fragrance and here comes Mrs carey-cannon flaunting even more to suck my consumer a$$ in again.
    I have high hopes for this line because some of this year’s other celeb scents haven’t been on fire. Beyonce’s Heat isn’t as long wearing as an EDP should be and while I love SJP’s new NYC2, the demographic of her age is bypassing this kind of scent for more prestige fragrances (read: old lady fragrances.)

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