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Dannii Minogue is on the cover and inside this week’s You Magazine in the UK.  Clearly the photoshoot was done early on in her pregnancy but she is absolutely glowing and the interview is so upbeat!  Photographed by Diana Gomez and interviewed by Annabel Rivken wearing Project D of course!

Inside Dannii chats about her impending motherhood and of course her beloved partner Kris Smith!  They are currently living with Dannii’s parents in Melbourne while they wait for their home they recently purchased to be finished with renovations.

I love how Dannii says that Kris is “so cute and I look at him and wonder how I got him,” ummm hello Dannii you’re not too shabby yourself love!

Dannii also admits that she’s excited and not scared but credits Kris’ support and loving every minute of her pregnancy in giving her that confidence, she also admits that she’s yet to change a nappy, even her nephew’s nappy (her brother’s son), but Kris has been on nappy duty!

She was asked if Kylie was jealous and she’s like “my sister is alive, alive!” and she hasn’t had her five year all clear yet!  But Kylie is so excited and is ready to jump a plane as soon as Dannii gives birth!  Some people ask the silliest questions!

All in all Dannii says: “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and for a long time I knew I would love to share my life and my family with someone, but I never thought I’d find the person.”

We should also see her fashion line Project D online by the end of June … www.projectdonline.co.uk.

PS – I just found a couple of pics of Dannii & Kris’ house in East Hawthorn Melbourne.  They have just started moving in!

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