The Lonely Hearts Club, Elizabeth Eulberg

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Tina Gamble

Penny Lane is over it.

Over the boys, over the dating, over the rules and generally – over all the drama (and the heartache)&

Swearing off dating, and most importantly off the McKinley High boys, Penny starts up The Lonely Hearts Club. A chance to reassess her life, and self, without the overpowering drama of boys, Penny soon finds there\’s more to life than dating.

Surprised – Penny soon finds she is not the only one – an overwhelming response from girls all wanting to join, has made Penny and her club, one of the most talked about subjects at McKinley.

But what happens when the leader of an anti-dating club falls head over heels for the enemy?  And what if said leader is suffering from severe denial? Could this spell disaster for the club?

Or can Penny\’s friends find a cupid solution?

Elizabeth Eulberg\’s new novel The Lonely Hearts Club, has undoubtedly earned its place on my favourites shelf. Eulberg brings new life to teen market in this hilarious classic about life, love and friendship.

The Lonely Hearts Club is a breath of fresh air. Usually when I read a novel, the aspect I secretly always love the most is the tension between love interests. And though the relationship between Ryan and Penny is entertaining and a delight to read, I have to admit, it was the relationships and personal character building discoveries that Penny and her friends made with each other that had me flying through the pages.

The characters were all well drawn and exceedingly likeable. Ryan was boy-next-door swoon-worthy – down to earth, witty and smart – he fit Penny\’s character to a tee. Penny herself, was hard not to love – relatable and honest – Penny\’s character draws you in, and immerses you into her world. And her friends – Tracy and Diane – are just as charming, as well as the rest of The LHC.

I have heard a few people say this is a bit of a feminist book. And you know what? It is. But for all those people thinking this will be just another book about girls fighting for women\’s rights and an endless droning on about girl power – well let me just say – there are traces of some girl power going on (nothing wrong with that), but for the most part, this is a book about friendship, self discovery and finding something to stand for – yourself.

Shattered by the broken illusions of happily ever after and white knights on thundering steeds?

Join Penny Lane and The Lonely Hearts Club, in this delightful novel about friendship, boys, dating, and high school politics. It is unreservedly fun and fresh – a treasure for any teen\’s shelf. Highly enjoyable, this is one group meeting you don\’t want to miss.

Warning: This novel is addictive.

Please note – if you read this novel, you may feel certain side effects, such as, tiredness due to lack of sleep, smiling at inappropriate times as you reminisce over a scene, and of course, cravings for more.

Available now: Penguin RRP$19.95


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