Temptation, Olivia Darling

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Kristy McCormick

I read an article recently about the ‘return of the bonk-buster\’. It discussed the return to the books that our mothers may have read – you know books by Jilly Cooper and the like. This book – Temptation by Olivia Darling – was listed as one to watch out for. So I was keen to get stuck into it, if only because the term ‘bonk-buster\’ had been so firmly etched in my mind.

Temptation is the story of three women – Juliet, Cosima and Mercy – and the very different lives they lead. Cosima is an international singing star, with fame, fortune but a very broken heart. Juliet is the mistress of an international banker, who also happens to be her boss. She thinks it will be forever, but after five years of sharing him with his family she begins to realise he might just not mean all he says. And Mercy, who dreams of being a singer as famous as Cosima but cleans offices just to make ends meet.

The lives of these three women are destined to become entwined, but in ways that none of them could ever predict.

Cosima, a bit shorter on fortune than she\’d hoped, is forced to undertake a six week singing tour where she will share the limelight with her ex-husband. Unsure whether she can tolerate spending time with him she embarks on the tour with trepidation, but along the way finds herself in for some pleasant surprises – and just maybe some rekindling of feelings she thought long gone.

Juliet discovers that the life her lover promised is never going to happen. Feeling as though she has wasted her real opportunity for love and a family, she wonders if she has the courage to end it, when the decision is abruptly made for her. As she finds herself losing the things she\’d built her life around – love and work, she winds up in a situation where her very life might be at stake. She is forced to decide if she can use the secrets she\’s discovered against the man she thought she loved, but in the process she might just find there\’s more to life than a high powered job and a love that was always kept hidden.

And Mercy, with such big dreams but the chance to make it to the top seemingly always out of reach. She has the will to succeed, but can she believe enough in the people around her – people who love her – to let them help.

This story is a tad predictable, but nonetheless enjoyable. If it\’s girlie read you\’re after that isn\’t too taxing this might be the one for you. Oh, and the ‘bonk-buster\’ reference – well, let\’s just say that some of the love scenes in this book would not be out of place in a classic Mills and Boon book. Plenty of bodice-ripping and ‘impressive manhood\’ abounds in this one! If you\’re a bit prone to blushing, you could just skip those pages – but then if our mums could handle it…

Available now: Hachette RRP$32.99


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