Worst Case, James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

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Kristy McCormick

Apparently James Patterson has eight books scheduled for release in 2010! This is one of them and Worst Case, co-authored with Michael Ledwidge, is a good read for all Patterson fans out there. It is typical Patterson with short sharp chapters, large font and a pace that keeps you reading and reading until it\’s all done. But it doesn\’t take long, for once the story drags you in, you race to finish it, and with his style of writing it\’s an easy read.

Worst Case reacquaints us with Detective Michael Bennett, a widowed father of ten (yep, ten!) who works in New York as a member of the Major Case Squad. Investigating high profile bank robberies, art thefts and kidnappings are the day to day work of this squad and Michael Bennett somehow manages to juggle it all with his kids, a cheeky Irish priest who is also (somehow) his grandfather, and a nanny who perhaps wishes she were more.

When the children of New York\’s wealthiest begin to go missing, Bennett is called in to lead the investigation. But he\’s not alone. FBI Agent Emily Parker is also flown in to assist Bennett with this one. Of course, she\’s an attractive single mother of one who is also impressively good at her job and she and Bennett quickly develop a good professional (and personal) rapport.

The person responsible for the disappearances of these kids is soon in touch with Detective Bennett and Agent Parker, and it doesn\’t take long for their worst fears to be realised. This guy is playing for keeps, and no-one is quite sure yet just what it is he wants. The kidnapper is not asking for money, but appears to be engaging his victims in some bizarre kind of quiz – with the wrong answer leading to fatal consequences they need to find this guy fast. More kids are disappearing, and just when they think they\’ve figured him out his routine changes – dramatically.

What follows is a dramatic race against time as the perpetrator prepares to send the whole of New York city into meltdown. With three hostages and the New York stock exchange at his mercy, can Detective Bennett stop him in time?

This book barely pauses for breathe – at only 356 pages, there is a heck of alot that happens at a very rapid pace. The kidnappings, and subsequent outcomes, are in the opening pages and before you know it you\’re hurtling along at breakneck pace as the police figure out who\’s responsible, and then work out where he\’s headed. Phew! And, in typical fashion, the tension is also broken up by some family dramas, a little bit of sexual tension and a gentle reminder that even the best investigators are only human.

But, if you are a fan of James Patterson then I\’m sure you\’ll love this book – I am, and I did.

Available now: Random House RRP$32.95


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