First Look: Drew Barrymore: Sexy in Black for US Elle August 2010

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It’s so hard to be patient when you’ve heard rumours who’s going to be on the next cover and yes I heard a while ago that Drew Barrymore was going to be on Elle Magazine’s August 2010 issue and finally here she is.  Looking very sexy in black on the cover, photographed by Carter Smith.

Inside she shares:

On the media\’s misconceptions of her: “I make movies. I have a passion. Puppies and daisies don\’t accomplish anything. That\’s not me at all.”

On being single: “If you\’re 35 and single and it\’s a choice, it feels fine. So I didn\’t settle with the wrong person yet. Big deal!”

On her upcoming role in Going the Distance: “I like that it\’s not a traditional romantic comedy, with the story line of, ‘Oh, I slept with this guy, but when I woke up, I found out he\’s the CEO of my company, and we\’re going to live happily ever after once we go through all these crazy perils. I talk shit with my girlfriends. And it can get dirty.”

On why she\’s not afraid to get older: “I don\’t want to be vain or fearful, and I don\’t think I\’ll do anything [in terms of plastic surgery], but if I want to do something, I will. From my perspective, there\’s no reason to be afraid of aging, because if you age, you\’re lucky! The alternative is death.”

Behind the scenes video, worth the look, very very sexy and raunchy Drew! Can’t wait to see the full editorial.

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