More Behind the Scenes with Gossip Girl in Paris

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Hello Aussie-siders, it’s Gossip Girl here and I’ve got more outfits for you to drool over while Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick and Clemence Poesy continue to create chaos on the streets of Paris filming the fourth season of Gossip Girl!

We see Blair & Serena lunching at a Parisian Cafe, are they going in for a girlie smooch?  Surely not!  Haha, just teasing you Aussie-siders!  I do love Serena’s hair style, we’re sure to see that style everywhere on our streets very soon!  Is that another Moschino dress Blair is wearing?

I understand from the gossip vine that the photos of Blair carrying the zillions of shopping bags are promo photos, and even she can’t make the cute little shorts from behind look good (looks awesome from the side) then surely we’ve got buckleys because I think Blair is smokin‘! And how decadently couture is the purple pouffy dress, she looks like she should be on top of a big birthday cake!

This is so much fun Aussie-siders, until my next post … xoxo

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