Unholy Ghosts, Stacia Kane

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Tina Gamble


The dead have risen and walk the earth. And in an attempt to compensate those affected, the Church of Real Truth is willing to reimburse those harassed by the deceased. But with such offers on hand, it is only natural that people would try and take advantage of this – so how do you tell a false claim from a real one?

Well, enter Chess Putnam – witch and ghost hunter – the best in the business, Chess always nabs her ghosts, and her frauds. So what could put a hard case like Chess on edge?

Chess has a secret – a drug addiction – one that could put Chess on a fast track trip to unemployment or possibly worse.

With all the risk – could it really be worth the rush?

Hell yeah.

Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane is the first book in a gritty new paranormal series, about a drug-addicted witch who hunts ghosts for a living. And wow! That was my first reaction when I finished this novel, then – ten minutes later – I started reading it again.

Quite easily one of my favourite new series out there, this book is edgy, raw and surprisingly refreshing. At first, I was a bit undecided about how relatable, and how likeable, a drug-addicted protagonist would be, but by the time I finished the first few pages – I was hooked.

Chess is tough, sassy and – to be honest – appealing. This is a story of the underdog. And in a completely odd and random sort of way – I\’m sure many will disagree – but I couldn\’t help but think of a few (small) similarities between a Stephanie Plum novel and Chess Putnam\’s series. Chess, for the most part, is a tougher, more street-smart (and slightly more paranormal) version of Plum, with Terrible as a Ranger and Lex, as a Morelli.

Which brings me to my next topic – Terrible. After constantly reading about an endless parade of Greek Adonis\’s – all perfect, gorgeous and swarthy – I really loved that Terrible was raw. He had a brutal sort of charm about him, and flaws, which made him more real, more appealing and different.

I think over the years, there has been a slight change in the type of characters that readers and writer\’s find relatable. Writers are digging deeper and fleshing out all the flaws, to create characters that are slightly more 3D than then constant ‘heroes\’ that used to appeal.

Stacia Kane is one of those writers.

In Unholy Ghosts, Kane has created an upside down world, with characters not normally seen at the forefront of stories, and by doing so; she has given readers a dose of an addictive new series that I, myself, could not put down.

Get swept up into a fast paced, thrilling new series – a must read for 2010.

Available now: Harper Collins RRP$24.99


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