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Tina Gamble

Having already established a cult-like following, P.C. and Kristin Cast, come out with their sixth novel in the House of Night series, Tempted. Unsure if I could write a review that would do this book a proper justice, I was a bit hesitant to read this, as I have not read the rest of the novels. Thus jumping on board so late in the series, I wasn\’t sure I would get the same impact from Tempted, as some of the long time followers may – but I\’ll give it my best.

So here goes&

In the wake of an attack on their beloved House of Night, Zoey, Stevie Rae and the gang, have little time to rest and recuperate, as Kalona draws even more powerful people under his thrall. They must pull together, with the battle still far from over.

But with enemies all around, it can sometimes be hard to know who to trust, and with secrets being kept, Zoey can\’t help but wonder – what is Stevie Rae hiding? And how will it affect all those at the House of Night?

Seeing as they have such a strong following, this book would have to be good right? And yes, it was a good read. And please do note that I am reviewing as someone who is jumping in partway through the series.

So, is it a stand-alone novel? No, not so much. Okay, it was easy enough to pick up on the storyline and the theme, but the characters were a little harder to follow.

It\’s not that I couldn\’t keep track of them. It was more that I think if you want the full experience of this series, you\’ll have to start from book one, as there are so many characters, it is hard to really engage and sympathise with them. One character I did love though was Stevie Rae.

I loved her southern twang and out of all the characters, she was the easiest to relate to and quite possibly, the most interesting. And while discussing Stevie Rae, I must admit, the main reason I liked this novel was to follow her encounters with a certain Raven Mocker, Rephaim.

Zoey on the other hand was neither good nor bad. She was a decent enough character in this novel, but to tell you the truth, she didn\’t really do anything for me one way or the other. And the amount of boyfriends she had, kind of put me off a little, though I\’m guessing that if you read this series from the start, you\’d understand more about her several boyfriends and perhaps, be more accepting of it.

But all up – was this worth the read? Yes. The Cast\’s presented a different style in paranormal YA fiction. And although it is once again, a paranormal based around a school, this novel, in particular, does not focus too much on the school, instead focusing more on the action and the characters relationships.

Unlike some series, where you can jump straight in – anywhere – I would suggest this as a series you start from the beginning. It was fast-paced and exciting, and there were certain characters I would read the whole series for.

Tempted is an original novel that I\’m sure fans will enjoy. P.C. and Kristin Cast have a strong writing style that is both witty and charming at the same time. This story is constantly on the move and thus, hard to put down.

This novel blurs the line between good and evil and shows you a world full of grey.

Available now: Hachette RRP$16.99


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