Getting Over Mr Right, Chrissie Manby

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Andrea Parks

Getting Over Mr Right by Chrissie Manby: We\’ve all been there. Broken hearted and doing everything in our power NOT to call or text our ex after (or during) a night of too many shooters. Convincing ourselves not to drive by his house. The pain and agony. Trying to focus on our jobs and not crying at the mere mention of his name. But most of us manage stick with merely fantasizing about stalking our ex. Not so with Ashleigh Prince.

Ashleigh finds out that she has been dumped via Facebook, when her boyfriend changes his status to “single” before actually telling her. She goes through the full-meal-deal break-up. With technology, there are so many ways to deepen one\’s feeling of rejection or to make a fool of oneself – texting, email, social networking, and the ever-accessible mobile phone. And for Ashleigh, the temptation was too much. In this “heartbreak warfare,” (thank you for the soundtrack, John Meyer), all is fair to Ashleigh.

At every point that we might say, noooo, don\’t, Ashleigh crosses the line as she plunges again into the next, worst possible move to win back her Mr. Right. Sort of like the Shopaholic, she just keeps getting in deeper and deeper until you think you can\’t take anymore. Neither can the ex or her friends.

This is an entertaining story and there are some painful though funny moments. Probably what makes Ashleigh so likeable is that we get her – we\’ve all been delusional in love (haven\’t we?) We keep reading because we want her to figure out that she is worth so much more than what “Mr. Right” had to offer. We also want some old-fashioned revenge or at very least poetic justice.  And Ashleigh gets there, it just takes her a little longer than some!

If author Chrissie Manby\’s prior novels are half as entertaining as Getting over Mr. Right, I\’m in for some laughs.

Available now: Hachette RRP$32.99


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