Desire, Louise Bagshawe

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Andrea Parks

Okay, the name of this book is a bit corny but the story surpassed any expectations I may have had based on the title.  It was a bit like the Bourne Identity without the complexity and way better chemistry between the two main characters. Oh yeah, and the fugitive is a woman: Lisa Costello, a gorgeous widow who is suspected (but innocent) of killing her ultra-rich king-of-Hollywood producer husband.

Lisa and Josh Steen plan a lavish, luxurious, paparazzi-laden Hollywood wedding – in Thailand – with the ultimate packaging and a more than impressive guest list. But only hours after the ceremony, she catches Josh doing the nasty with another woman. Fast forward to the next morning when Lisa wakes up with a bloody dagger in her hand, the worst hangover EVER, and well, a dead husband. How unfortunate that Lisa is friendless and a misfit among the Hollywood scene. She is a sitting duck, really, and she knows it. But Lisa is a smart and enterprising woman who knows instantly that she has been set up.

It helps that we know for sure that Lisa is innocent so we cheer her on when she makes her intelligent and successful escape from Thailand. And we cheer her on again at every step of her furtive dash from Thailand to Europe, with a stop in between. We are also fully understanding about the guilty lust she feels for the journalist, Sam Murray, who takes a huge leap of faith to help her prove her innocence. It\’s only natural.

From the streets of Rome to Lichtenstein to Spain, the chase is on. With a little luck and fantastic intuition, Lisa and Sam manage to dodge the bad guy and get closer to the truth about who hired the bad guy. The fight for freedom however keeps them running for just a little while longer.

Lisa and Sam are living the dream: adventure, wealth, time-out for a quick meal of pasta and wine in Italy with danger on the side, and oh yes, desire. Desire is an escape story that oozes with escapism. This is best read while curled up in bed with your electric blanket on high.  Happy ending here I come!

Available now: Hachette RRP$32.99


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