Introducing Josh Flinn, Model Mentor for Australia\’s Next Top Model Cycle 6

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I’m really excited to announce that Josh Flinn, Model Mentor for Cycle 6 of Australia’s Next Top Model will be writing a weekly column on his thoughts about his journey with the models on the popular TV Show on Fox8.

The weekly column will be called: “ANTM Weekly Mentor Moments with Josh Flinn”, so make sure you look out for it every Tuesday evening at 8.30pm EST.

But firstly, who is Josh Flinn and what are his credentials?

Born and raised in Adelaide, Josh grew up dreaming of becoming a dancer. He started dancing when he was nine years old, performing in jazz, tap and modern.

After school and at the ripe ol’ age of 22 Josh took on the role of B2 in the Bananas in Pyjamas live concert, and to this day he still occasionally tours the country performing for children.

In 2003 Josh started creating window displays and realised that this is where his passions lie, so off to Sydney’s Fashion College FBI, Josh went and next up was Showroom Manager at Spin Communications.

While at Spin, Josh was responsible for labels including Lee, Wrangler, Lacoste and Reebok. After his time at Spin, Josh knew he wanted to get involved in Australia’s biggest fashion event, Simon Lock\’s AFI (later known as Rosemount Australian Fashion Week), soon becoming their Client Liaisons Manager managing young emerging designers and even having a stint as Head Dresser at Melbourne Fashion Week.

In 2007 Josh decided to leave AFI and go freelance, his first client fashion label Silence is Golden, saw him looking after everything for them including the highlight of taking the label to New York for an Austrade G’Day USA event.

During this time Josh was also working as the PR and Events Manager for the satirical pop-culture magazine, Duke, a position he held until the end of last year.

Next in 2008 Josh took over as Brand Manager on An Ode to No One; working as a sales consultant at ParisTexas, a consultant for Zegna, a luxurious Italian suit label.

This year Josh joined Platform Artists Group as a model booker, a role which saw him nurture and guide both fresh and professional models in runway training, editorial and fashion photography instruction, and make-up and styling direction.

And now Josh has made his first foray into television via our longest running reality TV show, AUSTRALIA\’S NEXT TOP MODEL.

I asked Josh a few questions so you can get to know him a bit more:

Q: Josh, how did the Model Mentor role come about?

A: I was in an episode in a previous season and the producers were on the lookout for a stylist for a particular segment and it just turned into a full time role – I was incredibly lucky and honored to be a part of the team this season.

Q: This is your first foray into TV, how are you finding the experience?

A: The whole experience has been an amazing learning curve, I was very used to being behind the scenes and it was a little awkward at first, but now I just love it!

Q: What aspect of being a Model Mentor do you find the most rewarding and challenging?

A: The most rewarding part of being the model mentor is seeing the girls grow and succeed from week to week. It was very exciting to see the girls’ confidence and abilities build during the competition. This season the competition is fierce and the girls are the hungriest contestants ever. The standard is incredibly high.

Q: What do you hope to achieve by being the show’s Model Mentor?

A: Ultimately I want to give each girl the confidence and knowledge to better themselves throughout and more importantly after the competition. As a mentor it is my job to ensure the models are at their best throughout the show. This is the best job I have ever had and I would love to come back next season.

Q: What’s been the most surprising aspect of being the show’s Model Mentor?

A: Funnily enough, although I am the girls teacher, I ended up learning a lot from the girls too!!! Each girl has their own quirks and strengths and I was very proud of how (most) of them handled the pressure.

Thanks Josh, we look forward to your weekly reports every Tuesday Evening at 8.30pm (EST) at the completion of the show!  Don’t forget, Australia’s Next Top Model can be seen on Fox8 at 7.30pm every Tuesday.

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· Funnily enough, although I am the girls teacher, I ended up learning a lot from the girls too!!! Each girl has their own quirks and strengths and I was very proud of how (most) of them handled the pressure.

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