Episode 3: ANTM Weekly Mentor Moments with Josh Flinn

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Episode 3:

This week I surprised the girls with a house visit and took them to the Joh Bailey Salon for their “make-overs”. All the girls were excited at this prospect…except Sophie.

A lot of girls are very attached to their look and their hair in particular. Sophie was very resistant to the change and took a lot of convincing… She threatened to leave if it was cut too short – after her chop she put her old extensions back in – very disappointing but stay tuned on this one!!! I get what I want in the end…

Kelsey loved her new fringe and Brittney was really happy with her extensions – all 300 of them!

Kim was also very nervous but I really like her new look, and she does too – her outburst at the beauty shoot was spurred on by the photographer asking her not to “think” but to just “model”. Kim being Kim took it the wrong way and drama ensued…what you didn\’t see was me saying to Kim “If you want to leave, leave…but you won’t be doing yourself any favours” I think she took that on board.

The Vivid Festival was a test of everyone’s stamina – although it didn’t look like it, the girls were posing for nearly two hours straight – not an easy feat by any means, even for the most experienced models.

The designs by Elliot Ward-Fear were the models favourite pieces by far in this competition, and mine too I have to say! It isn’t easy to pose in 12 inch perspex shoulder pads and sky-high heels… Some did much better than others – Kelsey and Joanna were my favourites from this challenge.

The highlight for me was meeting an idol of mine– the fabulous Emma Balfour– what a champion! We hung out and spent time watching each of the girls in their challenge and she even commented on my jacket! I was stoked beyond words! She is a freakin\’ supermodel!!!

Don\’t forget, Australia\’s Next Top Modelcan be seen on Fox8 at 7.30pm every Tuesday and you can recap about me here.

Can’t wait for the next episode…. See you all next week!

Images courtesy of Fox8 / Nick Wilson


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