Never Look Away, Linwood Barclay

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Andrea Parks

We have such blind faith – and trust – in the people that we love and with whom we surround ourselves. Belief that they are acting in our best interests and that they love us as much as we do them&that they play by the same rules that we do.

In Never Look Away by Linwood Barclay, David Harwood is a struggling reporter working for a struggling newspaper in a small American town.  He is following leads on a politically-charged story that has more than a few noses out of joint – some pretty bad guys have a lot to lose.  David is visited and threatened by at least one faction of the bad boys\’ gang. Then, right in the middle of this looming intrigue, his wife, Jan, disappears.

When David sets off for the theme park on a fun daytrip with his wife and beautiful young son, he could never have anticipated the sequence of events that would turn his world upside down.  David and his four-year old son, Ethan, wait for Jan to return from the car with a backpack full of lunch and other necessities. Wait, and wait. She still does not come back. It\’s everyone\’s worst nightmare. The police are initially sympathetic but as layer after layer of the story peels back, David looks guiltier and guiltier. At the same time, ever the investigative reporter, he uncovers some truths of his own: unflattering and just plain inconceivable.  David must come to accept these truths but he\’s on a deadline. He is in a race to find tangible proof of what he\’s discovered – before he is arrested for murder.

In the theme park, time stands still but from that point forward, the clock ticks audibly. The rest of the story moves forward in a desperate and thrilling plunge towards the whole, awful truth with a satisfying wrap-up.  Never Look Away successfully thrilled me. It also makes me happy to support a fellow Canadian author – especially when they make it big internationally – and so I look forward to reading more from Linwood Barclay.

Available now: Hachette RRP$32.99


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