Backstage with Jess Hart at Myer’s Spring/Summer Fashion Show

| 5 August , 2010 | 4 Replies

I was so excited to have been invited backstage to meet one of my model idols Jess Hart at Myer’s Spring/Summer Fashion Launch that is happening tonight at Carriageworks, Everleigh.

Not only did I get to meet Jess in person (embarrassingly I let out a little squeal when she came into the room), I got to chat with her and Illamasqua’s amazing Creative Director Alex Box. Jess was more than I could have hoped for, really down to earth and so beautiful you can’t stop starring at her!

I’ll be bringing you more details about the make up looks by Illamasqua (the Cult British Make Up Brand I’ve been banging on about for six weeks now) from Myer’s Fashion Show later but for now enjoy the questions I asked Jess on her favourite ‘stuff’, working with Jen and more.

Sassi: How does it feel to be working with Myer and of course the gorgeous Jen Hawkins?

Jess Hart: It’s been such a big honour to be asked to work with Myer and Jen is just so great, we’ve been so busy we’ve only had time to say a quick “hi” but she’s really lovely.

Sassi: What are your three must have beauty products that you cannot leave the home without?

Jess: I can’t leave home without my lip balm, anything natural that will keep them hydrated, eye cream and a sunscreen. Sunscreen is really important, I used to be really lazy because I think I’m an Aussie I tan, it’s ok but I got really burnt one time in Bali and it freaked me out. It was so unprofessional I got my forehead really burnt and it blistered a bit and I had a photoshoot that I had to get up for the next day at 4am and the make up kept melting off but the make up artist did a really great job and I’ve never done it again!

Sassi: What do you think of Myer’s new Illamasqua makeup line?

Jess: I’m really blown away by it, the entire collection has just been gifted to me and I just can’t believe it … you should have seen her face, she was so excited and genuinely seemed to be blown away by how good the make up is!

Sassi: You love wearing your jeans, who are your favourite brand of jeans?

Jess: Bettina Liano, I just love them!

Sassi: We absolutely love reading your blog (JH: you do? aww thanks), what blogs do you like reading?

Jess: I’m so bad, I don’t read any other blogs, I barely have enough time keeping mine up-to-date that I just don’t have time, unless someone sends me a link.  Every time I look at my stats I’m shocked to see how many people are reading my blog, it’s amazing!

Sassi: Where’s your favourite place in the world to visit?

Jess: Hamilton Island is a local favourite, we did the Myer photoshoot up there and I love the Aeolian Islands off Sicily are really beautiful.

So there you have it, it was really quick and I couldn’t ask her all the questions I wanted to but I’m so grateful to have been invited to meet my idol Jess Hart, w00t!!

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