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Tina Gamble

The Young, Loaded and Fabulous crew are back& and so is all the delicious drama!

With the school break over, Queen Bee\’s Alice and Tally are ready to start the new term (or at least, the new season\’s social activities). The last thing they expected though was the new housemistress Mrs Hoare, yes that\’s right, Hoare.

Spouting new rules in her wake, the fierce Mrs Hoare seems determined to ruin everybody\’s fun. Could this be an end to the girl\’s glitz, glamour and parties? Heck no. But what would the point be of having rules if you couldn\’t get creative in breaking them?

It would seem that things at St Cecilia\’s is about to get very interesting.

In this third instalment by Kate Kingsley, Kiss & Break Up, the readers are thrown back into the fabulous world of London\’s rich, famous and most influential teens. With new relationships starting to form, and tensions starting to peak, new revelations are revealed that leads others to wonder, is Alice losing her control?

It is no secret that I am a fan of this series, and after reading Kiss & Break Up, I\’m happy to say that I still am a big fan. And who wouldn\’t be? Parties, glamour, romance, and tensions – it\’s enough to have any teen girl hooked.

The only minor comment I would have about this book is that there was less cattiness and backstabbing in this book. Sure, I suppose it shows that maybe their maturing and growing up, but to tell you the truth, I kind of really enjoyed it. This book is slightly less sharp and biting than the other novels; though there is a lot more focus on the relationships.

Some of which I am dying to see more of. I wont give away those involved, but one possible couple is rather unexpected, and I\’m interested to see how it all plays out. It adds an extra twist, which could make for an interesting fourth novel.

Love. Disasters. And all things in-between. These are some of the things that make up Kate Kingsley\’s new novel, Kiss & Break Up. With the winter chill moving in, the crew all snuggle up to avoid the cold. But is this really a good thing for the crew?

A deliciously wicked mix of Gossip Girls and British Teen Drama Show, Skins, this book will bring out everyone\’s inner cattiness, as they cheer, sigh and boo for all their favourites in the YLF crew.

This book is some of the best fun you can have without leaving your home.

Available now: Hachette RRP$16.99

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