Coca Cola Clothing Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign

| 8 August , 2010 | Reply

I know this is a completely random ad campaign to post and you may not even know that Coca Cola have a fashion collection, but they do in Brasil and this is their 2011 ad campaign.

The reason why I’m posting this campaign is from a branding perspective, as you know I’m obsessed with branding, and you seriously couldn’t get a more perfect on-brand campaign than this one for Coca Cola. It is exactly what you would imagine a Coca Cola Fashion campaign to look like, it’s so on-brand it just doesn’t seem real!

Featuring Brasilian models Ana Paula Scopel, Iuri Jasper, Leonardo Alberici, Reinaldo Berthoti, and Renata Sozzi at the beach, where else, having fun in the sun which is the Coca Cola brand message from the beginning of time!

I have no idea if a Coca Cola clothing range would work elsewhere around the world, what do you think?

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