Jean Paul Gaultier: MA DAME Eau De Parfum Very Glam, Very Rock

| 10 August , 2010 | 2 Replies

In 2008 Jean Paul Gaultier introduced us to his new muse, his new lady, MA DAME. She has style and wit, she is a modern-day tomboy.

Like any Gaultier woman, MA DAME does not impose any role on herself.  She is multifaceted, lively, her style is her own, the one she invents depending on her desires, her whims.  She lives her life in neon pink, never slick, always electric, anytime, day or night!

In 2010, MA DAME reveals another side of her personality and becomes an eau de parfum. A Very Glam and Very Rock spirit featuring Agyness Deyn.

A direct descendent of the Eau de Toilette, the Eau de Parfum MA DAME takes on a short, sharp tone& the three key notes are rose, musk and cedar and which mark her personality.

At the heart of the eau de parfum, the rose affirms itself and is intensely black.  A black rose cloaked in patchouli, with flashes of a biting pink pepper note, and warmed up by musk and cedar.

MA DAME plays off contrasts for a seduction which is as refined as it is assertive.

Dressed in neon pink and glossy black, the box sets the tone.  A duet between shadows and light that give a very sophisticated result! MA DAME turns her bottle into rays of neon!  The block of glass sublimates the bust with metallic effects&. a brand new vibe for the bottle.

The Eau de Parfum and the Eau de Toilette compliment each other and assert MA DAME\’s spirit and style.  Available in two sizes:

  • Jean Paul Gaultier MaDame Eau de Parfum, 50ml RRP$99.00
  • Jean Paul Gaultier MaDame Eau de Parfum, 100ml RRP$149.00

Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame Eau de Parfum is available now exclusively at The Perfume Connection.  For all stockist enquiries, please contact (02) 9695 5678.

And visit the dedicated website to learn more about the fragrance:

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  1. Lorraine Forbes says:

    How can I order 3 of Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame 75mls or 2.5 fl oz of Parfum to be sent to Johannesburg SA? Do you ship that far or would it be easier to ship to a friend in Perth and then he can bring it over when he visits SA? please let me know . Thanks

  2. ooooh…! definetly she is modern days tomboy. beautiful picture with strong looks.

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