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Keeva Stratton, Quip Creative

As Miley Cyrus celebrates the release of The Last Song on BLU-RAY COMBO PACK and DVD, it\’s good to know that as her career continues to soar (this time into the adult realm), Miley is keeping her feet firmly planted on the ground – specifically in a comfy pair of flip flops!

Here\’s what the young star had to say about her passion for fashion:

You have a great fashion sense, Miley. Do you love clothes?

I\’m a big fan of fashion. I like to be chilled if I\’m out walking or jogging, but I love clothes and I love shoes. Just looking at them in the morning makes me happy!

Your closet must be huge&

I\’d love to say my closet is just like any other girl\’s, but it\’s not. It is out of control! It\’s nuts. We turned my guest bedroom into a closet for my birthday and it has its own shoe room. I get really excited when I talk about it. I think I\’m going to turn one of the bathrooms into a shoe room next!

What do you buy when you want to splurge on fashion?

I spend way too much on designer shoes. I love them! The last time I went to Paris, I had to visit designer shoe stores – but I didn\’t buy a thing. It was so weird. I don\’t know what happened to me, but I went home empty handed.

What else do you like to splurge on?

I also love bags. I don\’t buy the dumb leopard print purse that I\’ll only carry for one week; I buy classic purses that are timeless. It\’s not worth spending a lot of money on something that\’s only going to be in for a second. Save the money to buy a classic purse that you\’ll use forever.

Did you like the clothes you wear in The Last Song?

There were some cool outfits in the movie, but I\’ll let you into a little secret& Keep an eye on my feet in The Last Song and see if you can spot some continuity errors. Why? Because I wasn\’t a big fan of shoes on the film set. I have to wear shoes when the cameras see my feet, but then I\’ll forget to wear them the next time we shoot the scene. I\’m not the best at continuity!

Are you a fan of heels?

I love heels, but I don\’t think it looks cute when you tower over people in huge high heels. Pumps or flat shoes can be just as cool – and I think it\’s really important to be comfortable, so heels aren\’t always practical.

Do you ever look at red carpet pictures and think, ‘I can\’t believe I wore that!\’?

There are thousands of bad pictures of me out there! I can go online, type in ‘Miley Cyrus\’ and hit ‘Images\’ and one hundred million horrible pictures will pop up on screen. There\’s one picture in particular that I hate. I was wearing a yellow shirt with a pink necklace. I was 13 at the time and it was colorful and cute. I thought, ‘What the heck? I like it!\’

But you don\’t like it now?

I don\’t wear colors anymore. Wearing a yellow shirt is fine. Wearing a pink necklace is fine. But not together! I know I probably walked out of the house that day thinking, ‘Yes& I\’m cool!\’ But my hair was also wet and it wasn\’t a good look at all.

Are there any other pictures that haunt you from the past?

I remember another time when I went out with my retainer in. My hair was wet and I was wearing a hoodie. What was I thinking? People are out there taking my picture all the time. It\’s important to be careful!

Has that picture stopped you from going out wearing sweat pants?

I\’m all about being comfy, so I don\’t mind wearing sweats – but I think there\’s a way to be both comfy and cute at the same time. I\’m not into matching sweats and hoodies. That\’s fine for some people, but it\’s a little much for me. I\’m really into sweats, tank tops and flip-flops, though.

Have you got any style tips to looking comfy and cute?

If you wear baggy sweats, put on a tight tank top with them. Or if you\’re wearing tight leggings, put on a baggier top that\’s funky and cool. I\’m a big fan of leggings. There are these things called jeggings and Liam makes fun of them, but they are really cool. Have you seen them? They are jean leggings so they look like jeans, but they\’re not. They are so comfortable. I love them.

What\’s the most embarrassing outfit hanging in your wardrobe?

Hmmm& Let me think. Oh, I know! I have a chicken suit hanging in my wardrobe at home. It\’s not technically mine; it\’s from Hannah Montana. I had to wear it on the show once, but it\’s not like I wear it out to parties or anything.

What makes a great party outfit?

I don\’t care what the outfit is as long as I feel comfortable. If you\’re not comfortable in something, don\’t wear it – you won\’t be on good form. You don\’t want to feel conscious of how you look all night, so choose wisely and go for something you feel great in.

Is your closet crammed with designer outfits?

I love designer clothes, but I also shop at regular stores. If something looks cute, I\’ll buy it no matter what the shop is. There are some great shops out there that aren\’t expensive boutiques. Never forget that.

Does this mean you still love a bargain?

Definitely! I\’m a bit of a shopaholic at heart. I love shopping, but I also really love finding bargains. Show me the sale rack and I\’ll dive in and find something cool. You just have to look in the right places – and keep at it. Happy shopping, girls!

Sneak Peak at Miley Cyrus’ Closet:

The Last Song, based on the Nicholas Sparks novel (The Notebook), is a romantic tale of young love and growing up. When Ronnie (Cyrus) is forced to spend the summer with her estranged father (Kinnear), she is anything but easy. But, when she falls for local heartthrob Will (Hemsworth), she soon learns that love isn\’t as easy as she thought, and in the process, she gains a whole new perspective on her relationship with her Dad.

The Last Song is the first time many adult audiences will get a glimpse into the Miley phenomena that tweens have been excited about for years. It\’s a beautiful, romantic and a truly tear jerking piece, that shows love and life as only Sparks can.

The Last Song is out now on BLU-RAY COMBO PACK and DVD and is perfect for a girls night in!


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