Episode 5: ANTM Weekly Mentor Moments with Josh Flinn

| 18 August , 2010 | Reply

This week was pretty hectic for the girls and myself!

Firstly, I went to the house and asked the girls to dress for a casting as Priscilla Leighton-Clarke (their soon-to-be agent if they’re lucky!) would be assessing their looks.

Some did much better than others! Kelsey is always stylish, along with Joanna. But&Sophie! OMG! She didn\’t get the brief at all – frankly, she looked like she was a streetwalker – harsh I know, but a fair description I have to say!

But, after some wardrobe adjustments we were ready to tell the girls they were off to their first lot of castings – in Melbourne! They were incredibly excited.

Once we landed in Melbourne the girls were rushed off to the first of three casting sessions at Life with Bird.

The girls were very professional and both designers were really pleased with the calibre of talent this season.

Second stop was the talented boys from J’Aton – Kathryn looked so amazing in her gown and I really think being chosen by the boys elevated her spirits, she needed it.

Lastly (and now you’ve seen this weeks episode, it\’s by no means the least) was their meeting with the zany Alannah Hill. That woman is hilarious!!! So quirky, camp and fabulous! She really made the girls come out of their shells and play a part – be it prancing kitten or deranged, sexy ski bunny.

The winner of this week\’s challenge, Amanda, really deserved her prize – the girl gets better and better every week. She is exactly what a show like this is all about – honing and refining a model’s natural talent so she can better herself and further her career.

Next up for the girls was a photoshoot for the hugely successful Impulse campaign. The girls were each given a different theme and needed to interpret that theme on a busy Melbourne laneway. To say it was cold is an understatement- it was positively icy!

Most of them really came up well, but Kim was a disaster– she couldn’t understand her brief and kept letting her fear show through in the images- not a great week for her I have to say.

I think Jessica was wonderful in the Impulse shoot- the best I have seen her and her confidence is growing which is positive. Kelsey blew us all away with her shoot- such a professional- only 5 mins and we had the shot- bloody brilliant!!!

Both Kelsey and Joanna won the Impulse campaign– a fantastic result for them and for the client- the images are just beautiful.

Then came elimination time and what a doozy!!! I could not believe it!!! Kim’s outburst and behaviour is unacceptable for a model and for anyone over the age of 16 – to throw it back in the face of the judges and everyone involved on the show by saying she won’t continue modeling and not saying goodbye to the girls is totally unprofessional. She has since apologised.

Well, it wouldn’t be ANTM without tantrums and tears- so stay tuned and saddle up for another exciting episode next week.

Don\’t forget, Australia\’s Next Top Modelcan be seen on Fox8 at 7.30pm every Tuesday and you can recap about me here.

Images courtesy of Fox 8


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