Garnier Mineral Deodorant: A new generation of anti-perspirants.

| 22 August , 2010 | 2 Replies

After two years of intense research, the Garnier team has come up with a new range of 12 anti-perspirants using mineralite, an extremely absorbent mineral of volcanic origin. The inclusion of such a superior natural ingredient was an easy decision for the health and beauty brand, as they wanted a product that does what it says it will.

There are various reasons why mineralite is the perfect ingredient for a deodorant. Firstly, it is five times more absorbent than talc, which is known to be used in many anti-perspirant formulas. Secondly, the mineral acts as a protective layer for the skin and works to provide protection from moisture for up to 48 hours. The formula is dry and soft to the touch, and does not irritate skin.

The latest Garnier range is designed to suit everyone with both roll-on and spray varieties available. The ergonomically designed spray bottle features an on/off switch, to avoid accidental sprays between uses. Genius! The roll-on is of a unique shape that requires a simple ¼ twist to open.

The 6 sprays and 6 roll-on varieties in the range feature individual scents but include the same great benefits wanted in a deodorant. The formula is anti-humidity, anti-odour, contains no alcohol or parabens and is dermatologically tested.

Knowing that 60% of women look for additional benefits in their deodorant, Garnier has come up with extra forms of protection and categorised the range into 4 segments: Efficacy, Care, Freshness and Beauty.

With a musky citrus scent, Efficacy Invisible works to provide much-needed protection as well as prevent the dreaded white marks on skin and clothing. Efficacy Ultra-Dry is a floral green fragrance which works to protect against perspiration and odour in the most extreme conditions such as heat and stress.

The Care range is available in an Extra-Care formula designed for depilated skin. The floral fruity scented deodorant is infused with Bisabolol to soothe underarms after shaving or waxing and Allantoin to protect delicate skin. The Care range also features a Sensitive formula, designed especially for the more sensitive-skinned woman.

Freshness features an exclusive floral citrus fragrance that gives an energising feeling once applied.

Beauty comes in a silky formula enriched with micro pearls to even out skin tone irregularities that come with shaving. The floral fruity fragrance is ultra feminine and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

Each formula from the four ranges is available in both a spray (150 ml) RRP $5.45 and a roll-on (50ml) RRP $4.25.

The Garnier Mineral Deodorant range is available in supermarkets, pharmacies, and variety and independent stores.

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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    Hi Gigi,
    I would have thought these would have been available at any drug store in the US, have you tried the Garnier website? I can’t imagine them only being available in Australia as the company is US owned and operated. This is the link to the US Contact page: may be you could drop them a note and ask them.
    I hope this is helpful.

  2. Gigi says:


    Do you know where you can buy this in USA or some online store that will ship to USA for reasonable price? I bought couple of them when i was in Europe and i love it but they are gone. You can buy them from pretty much every cosmetic store in Europe but for some reason they don’t sell this product in USA???

    Thanks a lot,

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