Wicked Appetite, Janet Evanovich

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Jody Fenton, Boutique Money

Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich will thrill both new and regular Janet fans. Diesel is back and this time he needs the help of Lizzie Tucker, the pastry chef who has just moved to Boston\’s North Shore into her Great Aunt Ophelia\’s house.

For those of you new to Janet, her popular Stephanie Plum series has been running for 16 years with the latest Sizzling Sixteen out earlier this year. Diesel popped into Stephanie\’s life one Christmas in what is called the Between the numbers series of books. Each year between the main Stephanie novels with their numbered titles has been Plum Lovin, Plum Spooky and Plum Lucky which introduced us to Diesel.

Diesel is a whole lot of testosterone wrapped up in a very buff package. Diesel has some rather endearing and frustrating unmentionable talents.

For existing fans, Wicked won\’t disappoint. It is filled with the same fast paced style we are used to, the slightly crazy characters, in this case Lizzie\’s coworker Glo who thinks because they live near Salem she can cast spells, bad boy Wulf is back in town and a special appearance by Carl the Monkey.

While Lizzie has recently inherited her Great Aunt Ophelia\’s house which gives her the perfect opportunity to leave New York and start again, is Aunt Ophelia looking out for Lizzie? Lizzie\’s joined Dazzles bakery as their pastry chef with her special talent for cupcakes Lizzie makes the best cupcakes with 1 regular customer buying 2 dozen a day from Dazzles bakery.  What\’s the special something in Lizzie\’s cupcakes and why is Wulf chasing Lizzie and her best cupcake customer?

If you\’re new to Janet\’s books you\’ll love meeting the characters in Wicked. Like all Janet\’s books, the characters include a cast of regulars and some who just drop in from novel to novel but all of her books stand alone in their stories and you don\’t need to start at One for the Money to enjoy Wicked Appetite. It stands alone as a fast paced enjoyable read, perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Available 14th September, Hachette RRP$32.99


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