Episode 6: ANTM Weekly Mentor Moments with Josh Flinn

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Well, after Kim’s shock departure last episode the only way was up for the girls this week. BUT& this week was shaping up to be their busiest and most challenging by far!

We are now down to the business end of the competition and it is getting fierce…

Poor little Brit was in the bottom two the week before and being the youngest of the bunch found it a bit hard to pep up for the challenges this week…She is such a sweet and vulnerable girl – I hope she has the stamina to keep going in this industry…

The yummy Jez Smith popped over to give the girls a hand with photographic angles along with Nikola Koke– it is about time we gave them a lesson on this – each photoshoot I have been trying to give them advice – but it’s not that easy to pepper that info with 30 people in the room!

I think they all got a lot out of that lesson, and it made my job much easier- once you get a confident and more-aware model in front of the camera, it makes shooting them a whole lot more fun.

Next up Aunty Charlotte helped the girls through their first TVC auditions. Quite a big step for any model, and a lot of models aren’t necessarily made for TV- but this is an all-encompassing competition so they all need to be good at everything. Versatility is key for success in this industry and some did better than others- as usual!

Jess’s natural edge gave her a heads-up and Amanda was very pleasantly surprising. Kelsey, as usual, nailed the brief – that girl is one of the most instinctual models I’ve ever worked with – she automatically knows what to do – such a pleasure to work with. These three, including Brit, won the auditions.

Kathryn, Joanna and Sophie had to miss out and all three were not happy to say the least! I think at this stage each rejection is taken much harder than in real life – if you miss out it greatly increases your chances of leaving the same week- this year if you stuff up, you pack up and go home- ruthless!!!

The TVC shoot was painful to watch and the girls were not comfortable at all- Joanna was grumpy throughout and did not take the experience in her stride; she needs to understand how to accept rejection and use that to make her a stronger model.

They had to re-do the scenes time and time again.. I can imagine how tiring it must be, and hell yeah the claws came out with the rejected girls! I don’t get to see a lot of the bitching as they know to leave it at the door around me,  but it is very interesting to see their personal dynamics coming out each week.

The following day we had the Cosmopolitan shoot – you know the old saying “Never work with kids and animals” Well, today I had to deal with both! The girls needed to represent the accessories shoot with an animal of Cosmo’s choosing- and boy did we had some doozies!!!

I love animals, but I have to say, dealing with 25kg snakes and alligators and screaming piglets was hardly a walk in the park. Nicole Adolphe, the stylist, was an amazing presence during the shoot- she is such a professional and helped the girls a lot with their angles. I tried to help them relax and individualise their experience. We’ve reached a trust level now and they know I’m there to guide them and give them the best advice I can. However, with some, no amount of advice could help!

Joanna totally freaked with the Burmese Python, Bailey– she\’s not a big fan of snakes! But, she did get through it. I saw she was cracking and had to have a chat with her- I tried to make her understand that each rejection is not just a negative criticism, but a chance to get better as a model.

Sophie totally took command with Bailey and the goldfish (I mean, really, how do you make fish in a bowl interesting?) and she really hit her stride.

I have to say, Kathryn lost it this week- she was somewhere else entirely- as a model, you need to be able to suck it up and get on with it…The owl was a much better model than Kathryn on the day…

Amanda had a hissing alligator and two of the most annoying piglets in the universe! It was comical to watch her deal with all the scratching and squealing- hilarious!!

Poor Brittany and Max the Macaw- we got “scary eyes” and he left her a rather unpleasant present…Jess however worked really well with him. She was scratched to buggery with the dog but, as ever, she was a true professional.

This shoot was difficult on so many levels for the girls and the team- we had unpredictable elements with the animals and each of them was really feeling the pressure mount this week.

Funnily enough Joanna got two images in Cosmo, so she should be pleased but needs to be careful not to let it get to her again. Amanda has finally (thank god!) learned to relax and emote during a shoot- she is a total all-rounder. Kelsey did well as usual, but I think I have to push her harder as she is getting complacent and thinks she is a shoe-in – not so…

We said goodbye to the lovely Brit, and I think she was a little too young to go head-to-head with the other girls – this year it is very tough and I know she will excel in the industry once she has a bit more guidance.

I would be interested to know what you all think about the final 6 – next week proves to be one of the hardest of the comp, so hang in there and watch the madness unfold!

Don\’t forget, Australia\’s Next Top Modelcan be seen on Fox8 at 7.30pm every Tuesday and you can recap about me here.

Images courtesy of Fox 8 / Ben Symons


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