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Kimberley Santos, Pop Couture

Look out, highway to the danger zone. (Do you now have Kenny Loggins in your head? Good, I can\’t be alone there!)

I start off with that because Melbourne now has another cosmetics brand to gush over. Previously, only available in Australia via Sydney – the Make Up Store is a reasonably new cosmetics brand on the international level but making waves with its range of colour.

The head makeup artist for the brand, as well as General Manager in Australia – the lovely Maria Gabriel met with me on the day it launched at Myer Melbourne, and showed me the major highlights of the brand, and why it stood out. There were a lot of side effects from myself, as I swatched eyeshadows, as I swiped an eyeliner across the back of my hand, or checked out the amazing false lashes on offer that could rival those famous Shu Uemura lashes.

It was a beautiful set up, how could you resist with the shelves of colour on offer? Lined with silky eyeshadows, cream-to-powder metallics, and loose dusts in so many colours; neutral work-safe lovin\’ gals to wild and crazy colour lovin\’ gals will adore this brand.

While I was there, I was spoiled with the opportunity to be spoiled with a makeover from Maria herself and came up with a look, inspired by what she was wearing herself and one I then deemed ‘the understated rockstar look\’.

For a complete look, we started with the moisturizer (Day Time), and their famous skin serum primer – containing Gingko Biloba, Lavender and Rosemary, all amazing ingredients for healthy, calm and supple skin, making it the smoothest base I\’ve ever felt. My skin has never felt so luscious, even after a good exfoliation! This is something I\’m definitely going back to.

Using the mixing liquid with a vibrant electric blue loose powder in ‘Sight\’ – she created a winged eyeliner set against a neutral gold look. See what I mean? Rockstar baby– but work-safe.

Okay, I\’ll be completely honest, I put a few things on my ‘coming back for\’ list – as the colour range is fantastic and the price point is definitely budget friendly for such a quality range of products.

If you know me, you know that I have to ask questions. I love to hope – that by using colours, and following trends in make-up – perhaps I can be ‘in\’. On trend. By wearing the hot colours of the season. Maria tells me for spring/summer 2010 – purple eyeshadow is incredibly hot. Celebs such as Amanda Seyfried, Rihanna and Scarlett Johansson are rocking different shades of purple – vibrant violent to a delicate lilac. In the Makeup Store range – check out microshadow in Dita, and cybershadow in Lavendel to feel a bit Hollywood glam.

If you\’re a bolder gal – rock some pastel colour on your eyes like Jessica Szohr and Alexa Chung with babydoll pink lipstick to match. A lipstick such as Pretty Baby paired with Butterfly microshadow would make you feel like you needed a cupcake just to finish off the look! … Who needs an excuse to eat a cupcake. Go for it.

To celebrate the launch of the Make Up Store in Myer Melbourne – for a limited time, if you spend $50 or more, you will receive a free Gift with Purchase, valued up to $75 including the latest edition of their magazine, a lipgloss, lipliner, and lanyard.

Make over happy!

Miss Pop Couture

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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    I know Kim is so gorgeous and I love her writing style, it’s the passion and excitement 🙂

  2. Felicity says:

    Great post Kim!
    One time when I went to Sydney my sister made me track down a store so I could buy her some fancy eyelashes… So happy to see they are in Myer now!
    May have to pop along and check it out – that serum sounds great! Also,their magazines are AMAZING!!

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