Nicky Hilton: Charlie Brown Sydney Fashion Festival

| 25 August , 2010 | 7 Replies

Nicky Hilton was the high profile celebrity that US/Aussie Fashion Designer Charlie Brown jetted out to strut the runway for Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival’s showing of Charlie’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection Altered States“, fronted by Laura Dundovic.

Wearing three outfits down the runway that suited her to a ‘tee’, especially the eye catching leopard print body hugging dress and turban … I love Nicky’s low-keyness to her life, considering who she is and who her sister is!  And Laura looked gorgeous on the red carpet also in a Charlie Brown outfit … of course!

Check out Laura in Charlie Brown’s “Altered States” campaign, she’s a vixen!

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  3. Sassi Sam says:

    These clothes aren’t designed by Nicky, she was just the face of Charlie Brown’s line.

  4. maria jose says:

    Wow ! All the dresses are designed by Nicky Hilton .Nicky Hilton is a famous American fashion model and fashion designer. The dresses are really very unique and wonderful.

  5. Wow! She looks awesome and her dress is also stunning.Charlie brown Sydney festival is a big bang in fashion world and it is really amazing

  6. Sassi Sam says:

    Laura has a severe stress fracture in her ankle and Charlie Brown is renowned for flying out an international ‘star’ for her shows.

  7. Jason says:

    I like Laura much better why the change?

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