Episode 7: ANTM Weekly Mentor Moments with Josh Flinn

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Well, what a week! The girls were really put through their paces this week – we have boogie, Bonds and frostbite!!!

First up, the girls were split into 3 groups – Kathryn and Sophie went gym junkie with Uncle Alex, Jess and Joanna were zen-like with Aunty Charl and Kelsey and Amanda were sent tap-tap-tapping with me.

I was very skeptical about teaching two very inexperienced girls the art of tap – it is a dying form of dance (sadly) and I wasn\’t sure either had the talent to pull off a lesson – BUT, to my surprise, both girls were very rhythmical and excited about the experience- we all had a hilariously fun and enlightening day- the girls were very keen to learn and I was more than happy to teach them.

Rhythm and timing are crucial for a model in her career- you need to always be aware of timing in music during a runway show and an awareness and comfort in your body helps you look much more graceful in shoots.

Next up the chickas were put through a grueling choreography lesson for a live performance with Evermore – in their knickers!!! I have to say, I would not have been more uncomfortable but all the girls realized it was a challenge AND a big chance to prove how far they have come in this competition.

Now, there is this big beat-up about Kelsey being too raunchy during the show- what a load of rubbish!!

She was confident, sexy and engaging and all those prudes out there should just relax! Ok, it might not have been Bonds material, but different strokes I say! I thought she nailed it&However, you can\’t take away Amanda\’s win- she looks sizzling in her smalls&

Now, onto the snow- let me tell you, the temperature wasn\’t the only icy thing about this shoot- the girls were whisked to Thredbo in the middle of the night and sent to meet me at the most ungodliest (and coldest) hour of my life!

We were all tired and a little cranky, but once we got onto the mountain it was business as usual- the girls were required to wear lingerie and vintage fur in the snow. Jess was less than impressed, but she was not forced to wear fur- I would have supported any decision that she made, and respected her for it. She ended up wearing ethically farmed maribou fur- fur taken from the neck of the bird-so all those PETA supporters can relax!!

Sophie completely came into her own during the shoot and Kathryn was divine in the frozen wilderness- I swear that girl doesn\’t take a bad photo!

Now, not to be too apologetic but that outfit I\’m wearing is not one of my proudest achievements! Too much schnapps, not enough sleep resulted in the travesty of an outfit you saw before you tonight! Sometimes you don\’t always hit the mark and I can safely say I was a mile away from the goalpost&Never mind- onward and upward (well, the only way IS UP).

Elimination was particularly difficult for the judges this week – how do you pick? They are all getting so much better and unfortunately it was the lovely Joanna\’s turn to say goodbye. Joanna is one of the nicest and most mature young girls I\’ve ever met- I predict pretty big things for her in the future.

The competition is heating up (thank god!) and next week is a testament to the girl\’s resilience AND an ad campaign is up for grabs – so stay tuned!!!

Don\’t forget, Australia\’s Next Top Model can be seen on Fox8 at 7.30pm every Tuesday and you can recap about me here.

Images courtesy of Fox 8 / Cam Hammond


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