Gok’s Fashion Fix: Series 3 Premiere

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Kimberley Santos, Pop Couture


Gok Wan is back with a brand new series of Gok\’s Fashion Fix, the style survival guide to looking great on a budget. In the new series Gok will travel throughout the UK visiting the towns that fashion forgot and cleaning out the crammed closets of Britain\’s most excessive shopping offenders. Fashion buyer Brix Smith-Start will once again go head to head with Gok in a fashion face off. It’s high end versus High Street as Gok strives to prove that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look fantastic. Casting votes are made not only by Gok’s faithful followers but also a front row of the most discerning fashionistas in town.


Gok Wan is back! The British fashion favourite is back educating small-town women on looking great (on a budget) and how you can look like you belong on a runway with High Street fashion!

For me, I love looking at how simple staple pieces can be thrown together to look uber stylish. Honestly – it gives me hope. Its not necessarily about wearing a trend – the lesson is to wear what’s right for your body shape. Then, you’ll always be on trend.

What gave me a chuckle in this episode are the women that rock up to the town hall, acknowledging they ‘are a disaster’ or oh, yes they need help – but that’s being said whilst they are in tracksuit pants! Surely you know how to make an effort and get out of track pants? That doesn’t take a style icon?

I do love seeing a transformation though – with family and friends being relieved that their loved one is seeing some fashion sense. But, this tracky dak wearing mum goes from that; to a bodycon dress at work? WOW. That’s quite a jump.

The second part of the show is his lil competition with fashion ‘nemesis’ Brix Smith-Start – where they get a theme to build a look to (ie, in this episode Pretty, Ethnic, Sporty etc) with Gok choosing fashions from High Street, and Brix from high end-couture. Brix – is more than flamboyant, more than.. a little overdone on botox and I cannot handle her. Maybe that makes a good villain? I’ll always be Team Gok! But I just think she is just too over the top, and makes high fashion seem even more out of reach (than I already do!).

Definitely worth a watch as Gok has a great presence, and way of comforting those around him. Got to be said, I’m inspired just watching the way he can just niftily create headpieces, or add tea-soaked bows to a dress!

Premiering today (2nd September) screening Thursdays at 8.30pm and Sundays at 9.30pm on Lifestyle YOU, available on Foxtel and Austar.

Miss Pop Couture

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