Episode 8: ANTM Weekly Mentor Moments with Josh Flinn

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Well Sassi fans- this week was full off action and traction! (almost)…

The girls were given the unenviable task of practising their runway walks- IN PUBLIC and IN THE CENTRE OF SYDNEY!!!- I have to say, this was my least favourite task and challenge for the girls. It was the middle of a busy Saturday and the girls and I were to walk through the streets of Sydney and the girls were to hone their runway skills.

All the while the girls had no idea they were being watched by Alex Perry and Anneliese Seubert in a covert van (nice place to be compared to where we were – let me tell you!)

Apart from the awkwardness of being gawked at by passers-by, the girls had to contend with traffic, both human and vehicular and an endless number of traffic lights.

Poor Kathryn took more than a couple of tumbles as her shoes were too big, and Kelsey nearly passed out at The Rocks- not a nice look to bite the dust in a $3000 Hermes scarf!!!

Anyway, apart from learning how to nurse busted toes and pop blisters, that lesson is better left to memory.
Next up the girls had a shoot for Platinum by Kotex and the winner would represent the brand in a national print campaign- nice work if you can get it!

The girls were styled in gowns by a number of Australian designers- Aurelio Costarella and Jayson Brunsdon to name a few. Their challenge was to produce an effortless shoot all the while being suspended on a silver vine in the middle of a studio. Sounds easy right? Na-ah!!!

This vine was like one of the deadliest plants ever- not botanically but mechanically- the vine was not tested for comfort and Kelsey bore the brunt- her hands were shredded and blistered after her shoot- always the professional, Kelsey didn\’t mention it until we helped her down. She now had a matching pair of hands to go with her already blistered feet.

All the girls did quite well and captured the brief for the client. I have to say, Sophie felt great with her wig, BUT I felt the wig looked a little cheap and actually detracted from her shoot- she loves her locks!!!

It was Kathryn’s 21st birthday on the day and she was one of the two girls that the client wanted to re-shoot- not a bad present! I felt both Kathryn and Kelsey did very well on this shoot- they both understood how to relate to the lens even with all the discomfort and tension a shoot like this brings up.

Kelsey took out the honour however and she deserved it.

The girls took Kathryn out for her birthday and there were a few sore heads the next day let me tell you!
Then Head Honcho Ms Murdoch took the lassies through a high fashion shoot on a luxury yacht- high fashion on the high seas!!!

No fashion shoot is complete without drama, and this shoot was no different- poor Amanda couldn\’t find her sea legs during the shoot and was green in the gills for most of the day. Sophie seemed to enjoy that fact, but that didn\’t stop Amanda from giving great face!!! I have to tell you, Sophie looked perfect in her androgynous shoot- my favourite photo of her by far.

Kelsey seemed to struggle this shoot, but (as I wasn’t there) I don’t know exactly how it went. I have a feeling the photographer just didn\’t like her as I have NEVER had a problem with her during a shoot.

I also thought Kathryn looked divine in her Hermes creations, but unfortunately it was her time to go. It really sucks when any girl goes home, but especially when all of them are the calibre we have now- Kathryn knows her angles and she will be successful in this industry., not to mention she is the sweetest girl of the group.

Now, it gets tough and the last four have a very tight competition ahead of them. Stay tuned as next week the girls have the most NEO-FABULOUS week!!!


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